Miss Universo

Seeking for Paradise.

Today, I want to dedicate an article to a country known as the Misses power-house, the one that has seven Miss Universe crowns, six Miss World and Miss International queens and lastly two Miss Earths. Indeed, it’s Venezuela. A country described by the current Miss Universe, María Gabriela Isler, as: “A paradise with a woman’s name”.
At this hour, many Venezuelans are on the streets trying to fight for what they believe and show the world how their lives are. They barely have food, there’s no security on the streets, pauper electricity supply… Just to mention some of the problems they face.
Daily, they live with fear. Fear of not returning to their homes, being robbed and not getting back that Venezuela they retain in their memories. People want that Venezuela back; a country in peace.

“Oh how painful it is
when something wears…”
- Dani Martín (Beatles y Stones)


The world is with them. With those brave students, mothers, fathers, grandparents, Misses looking for a way so their voices can be heard. People that are convinced Venezuela could and can be better. It’s not going to be easy, but that Venezuela they all dream of is achievable if they use peace as a way to solve the issues.

All of us should try to have on our prayers the Venezuelan people. More than ever they need the support of every human being in order to reach their goal.
I hope the next time I write about Venezuela, Gabriela Isler is able to have a warm welcome from her people like she deserves. Also, every Venezuelan waking up in the morning with a smile on their face, because there’s a bright future ahead… No more violence, pain, hunger or debts. Just peace, unity, freedom, forgiveness and of course, more crowns.

Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza is very touched by the situation in her country. Here it was at Times Square in support of Venezuelan protests.


Rest in Peace Genesis Carmona. She was known as the 2013 Mis Turismo representing Carabobo. Genesis Carmona was fatally shot on Wednesday, she is the fifth person killed during massive unrest in Venezuela. The killing topped off three consecutive weeks of protests against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government.


A lot of beauty queens wanted to show their support to Venezuela with the project Misses 4 Peace. They wrote on a paper or on their hand hashtags #SOSVenezuela, #PrayForVenezuela and #Misses4Peace. Here you can see Lupita Jones from Mexico for the project. She was Miss Universe 1991.

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