Miss Universo


From : Helen / Russia.
Hi Olivia! :* I'm your fan from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia! :) My name is Helen. You are so beautiful girl and kind person :) I really proud of you and love you! I hope that I will see and want to meet you someday. �
Russia loves you


From : Alexander / Russia.

Hi, Olivia!

Thank you for coming to Moscow! Well done!
Your shining smile can melt down the russian snow!
After Miss USA and Miss Universe maybe you will apply for Miss Russia position? :)

Please pass the words of support from me and Moscow to Miss USA Erin Brady, she performed very well and was my choice for Miss Universe.

Best regards,


From : @OliviaCulpoPH / Philippines.

To my dearest Olivia Frances Curran Culpo
Hi Olivia! :)
I miss you right now as Miss Universe. haha! I know we are miles apart and I hope to meet you someday. I hope you will visit Philippines sometime :)
You know what I like about you is because you are smart, bubbly, genuine, kind, sweet, beautiful, and talented. You are still my Miss Universe always remember that!
I am really thankful because I'm a fan of yours and an Olivian. Olivian is the best family <3
Thank you so much for being a good inspiration to me and to others and also for helping and putting smiles to everyone. Salamat because you make me believe to myself even more and dream big. You're an inspiration. Your smile makes me smile. You are really Oliviamazing. I love you even with or without a crown and a sash. I'm a Filipino fan of yours and that is so cool. Your amazing journey as Miss Universe will be always good to see. I see how sincere and dedicated you are to your responsibilities.
God bless you Olivia. I will be supporting you all the way ^_^ Mabuhay! and I really appreciate that you love the Olivian family and the Filipino fans. More power! Olivians really love you from the moon to the back and to infinity and beyond! Mahal ka namin Olivia. xoxoxo -Rica


From @teamoliviaculpo

Olivia is beautiful inside and out. She proved that at Miss Universe 2013. The way she supported Miss Universe contestants, her speech, her final walk, her dress, Yamamay swimsuit portion... Everything was amazing about her. Olivia is a strong, powerful, confident, beautiful, talented, smart, funny and kind. She's an amazing lady. She truly will be missed as the Miss Universe. I think it was such an incredible year for her. She has traveled the world, met with so many inspiring people. SHE became an inspiration. She made us remember about the breast cancer. An idol doesn't mean a famous singer who has won a lot of awards. It's all about making you a better person. It's about changing our minds for better, it's about helping people. It's about supporting people. Like her or not, you can't deny the fact that she has inspired a lot of people to stay strong. Sometimes the way you look at someone can change a person's life. She is one of Project Sunshine's biggest supporters and she has met with a lot of children. I wasn't there, but I did feel the love she has for them like I was with there. Whenever someone will say "Miss Universe" everyone will think about Olivia. Olivia passed the Miss Universe crown the other night but I already missed her as the Miss Universe so much.

From the "Miss USA" to the "Miss UNIVERSE". It was such a great experience for her and i'm sure she learnt a lot of things. She also taught us a lot of things. I'm so proud to say that Olivia has inspired me in every way. The way she talks, the way she walks, everything she does is an inspiration. Her class is her crown and she will never pass it to someone. I couldn't be more prouder of her.

Dear Olivia,
Thanks for an amazing year, thanks for inspiring the people, thanks for being a supporter to all of us. I promise you to stay on your side no matter what. Never stop smiling, it looks so good on you. We love you. Forever.
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