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Complaint against Miss Universe Olivia Culpo for Taj Mahal footwear photoshoot in India. Apologizes from Miss Universe Organization.

Miss Universe Organization scandal, Miss Universe Olivia Culpo " took part in a footwear photo shoot on the marble ledge known as the Diana Seat, modeling multiple pairs of shoes taken from a large bag and using the Taj Mahal as the backdrop." (from the huffingtonpost) (photo from indianexpress)

Apologizes from the organization :

"Statement from the Miss Universe Organization: The Miss Universe Organization would like to extend its deepest apologies to the people of India for the incident involving reigning Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, which occurred at the Taj Mahal this past Sunday. Throughout her reign, the Miss Universe Organization continually creates video diaries of our titleholder to keep fans and sponsors up to date on her travels and to share in the experience. As part of these videos, we sometimes incorporate sponsors into these shoots. The filming that took place outside the Taj Mahal was never intended to be used as a commercial nor was it meant in any way to be disrespectful. We sincerely apologize for any unintentional harm our indiscretion and insensitivity may have caused." (from roadtomissusa)


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