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Anea Garcia Miss Grand International 2015 is dethroned

Breaking News! With immediate effect, Anea Garcia will step down from her position as Miss Grand International 2015 due to unable to fulfil and follow the contractual agreement with Miss Grand International Organisation.

Unfortunately due to personal reasons Anea made the "very difficult decision" to stop her reign. She was crowned Miss Grand International on October 25, 2015 in Bangkok where she represented Dominican Republic. She is also a former Miss Rhode Island USA, she placed as the second runner-up at Miss USA 2015.

Her first runner-up, Claire Elizabeth Parker from Australia will be stepping into the role of Miss Grand International 2015.

Why Anea Garcia was dethroned ?

According to GlobalBeauties, Teresa Chaivisut, vice-president of MGI's statement "First, her studies were in the way, making it very hard for us to schedule her activities. At several times we had to reschedule, cancel events, change or lose international flights. Miss Grand International should be ready and focused on her job and charitable work.

In addition, she has also become very demaning, always asking for things which were not promised or part of the contact she signed, including bringing her grandmother to Bangkok, to live with her. She demanded for additional services which truly made no sense.

Her actions were disrespectful to the organisation and Mr Nawat does not appreciate this kind of attitude, which brought us to make this decision."

Statement from the Miss Grand International Org

"We are pleased to welcome Miss Claire Elizabeth Parker to take over this honourable position and continue the honourable duty as Miss Grand International 2015. Congratulations to Miss Claire Elizabeth Parker as the new Miss Grand International 2015."

Claire Parker, the new Miss Grand International
"During the next 6 months of my reign I promise to uphold all the ideals of the organization and all the expectations of a queen and will work hard to advocate our message to 'stop the war and violence" Claire Parker, the new Miss Grand International
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