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Wendy Esparza is Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2014

Wendy Esparza from Aguascalientes was crowned Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2014! México is strong for Miss Universe in hands of this 22 y/o and 1.73 m woman... She was our 1st choice for the crown! Congratulations!

Suplente: Jalisco (Karina Stephania Martín Jiménez)
2nd runner-up: Jalisco (Alessa Bravo Agredaño)
3rd runner-up: Colima (Lorena Marlene Sevilla Mesina)
4th runner-up: Tamaulipas (Sandra Ahumada Treviño)

Wendy Esparza Nuestra Belleza Mexico

Wendy Esparza will represent Mexico at Miss Universe... but not at the next edition in Doral Miami where Josselyn Garciglia will be the ambassador. We will see Wendy at Miss Universe at the end of 2015, we can't wait!

Wendy Esparza

Wendy Esparza, Nuestra Belleza México 2014, Lupita Jones & Yamelin Ramírez, Nuestra Belleza Mundo México 2014.

Wendy Esparza, Nuestra Belleza México 2014
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