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Miss Israel 2015 Contestants

The Miss Israel Pageant - Malkat HaYofi - will be held on June 2, 2015. 16 finalists of this year's edition of "Malkat HaYofi Israel" - מלכת היופי - have been unveiled. The winner of Miss Israel will represent the country in Miss World 2015 while Maiden of Beauty will go to Miss Universe.

Mor Maman and Doron Matalon will crown their successors at the end of the event.  Matalon and Maman were both unplaced at Miss World and Miss Universe.

During the Miss Universe Pageant in Doral, Doron Matalon was criticized for a selfie with Miss Lebanon, Saly Greige; Miss Japan and Miss Slovenia. People were outraged due to their feuding countries. Saly revealed “the truth behind the photo” and completely dissed her fellow Miss Universe competitor.

Miss Israel 2015 Contestants

Victoria Khersonsky Miss israel 2015
Victoria Khersonsky

maayan keren miss israel 2015
Maayan Keren

shahar Lev Miss israel 2015
Shahar Lev

Bat-El Kadosh  Miss israel 2015
Bat-El Kadosh

Sigal Doogmosh miss israel 2015
Sigal Doogmosh

Ilana Amchislavski Miss israel 2015
Ilana Amchislavski

Ortal Manchovzky Miss israel 2015
Ortal Manchovzky

Itay Barash Miss israel 2015
Itay Barash

Hila Zaramati Miss israel 2015
Hila Zaramati

Noy ben-david Miss israel 2015
Noy ben-david

Adina Miss israel 2015

Yarden dadon Miss israel 2015
Yarden dadon

Shir Udi  miss israel 2015
Shir Udi

Eden Fines Miss israel 2015
Eden Fines

Yuval-Bar Ben Miss israel 2015
Yuval-Bar Ben
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