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Chanel Stewart on her road to Miss Universe Australia 2015

Chanel Stewart is one of the favorite for Miss Universe Australia 2015. She will compete as Miss South Wales at the national pageant of June 5, 2015 in Melbourne. If she wins the competition she will represent Australia at Miss Universe 2015!

Chanel Stewart, her life as a model

Chanel will be commencing her degree in International Studies next year. As Chanel loves to travel, she had the opportunity to visit Cambodia and volunteer at an orphanage. The beauty queen loves to explore the outdoors and enjoys practicing yoga.

Stewart's original plan was to only model in her gap year (between finishing school and going to university) however life took its place and she loves modeling - "Study is definitely on the cards as I am one of those weird people that actually enjoy it, but I think it will be later down the track." Currently, she is a model at EMG Models and has the opportunity to travels Around the World.

Chanel Stewart via Instagram

chanel stewart miss australia 2015

Chanel stewart nike
As a professional model, Chanel needs to constantly work on her body

chanel stewart miss australia 2015 universe
selfie time!

Chanel stewart instagram
Chanel Stewart as a professional model

chanel stewart selfie

chanel stewart model

chanel stewart boyfriend
Chanel Stewart with her boyfriend

chanel stewart phuket
In Phuket

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