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How the pageant world helped Danielle Bosley to increase her self-esteem

Pageantry has taught her to be respectful and represent herself as a young, confident, and strong woman. The gorgeous Danielle Bosley will have the opportunity to walk the Miss Texas USA stage in a few days. "After competing in pageants for 6 years I’m more confident in my self than I have ever been. My confidence grows every year because pageants allow me to push my self mentally and physically and I realize what I’m capable of." she explained.

Danielle leads a pretty busy lifestyle. She is a full time graduate student at Lamar University where she is studying business. She is also a business owner. She owns Bronze Method, it’s a mobile airbrush tanning company. "I travel to my client’s homes and provide them with a tanning service. They do have the option however of coming to my home, but for the most part I travel to them."

Here we bring you the untold facts about Danielle’s life and also her ideas, objectives and opinions… Have a look!

You'll compete in the Miss Texas USA Pageant. How will you prepare the contest ?

I’ve been preparing for Miss Texas USA since a few weeks after Easter (A.K.A. the last time I competed in a pageant). I try to prepare the pageant early because I’m a HUGE foodie. I love to eat!! So to balance out my love of food with the competition I personally have to start my gym prep early. I enjoy knowing what is going on in my community so I try to watch the news everyday, this helps with my interview. I’ve been working with an interview coach to ensure that my skills are in tip top shape! 

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Social media seem to play a major role in pageantry nowadays. Do you think this is advantageous to you? Why or why not? 

If we were to use a social media fan vote into the top 15 at Miss Texas USA I don’t think I’d get it. This will only be my third attempt at Miss Texas so I personally don’t believe I have the fan base that some of the women who have been competing for 5 or 6 years have. I also strongly believe that a “People’s Choice” vote/award has no barring on who the winner is. I know; I’ve won the award but haven’t won the crown yet. 

Some people say that beauty pageants are degrading to women, same with fashion magazines. How can you convince them that they’re wrong?

Answering this question would be much easier if I had a time machine. I’d take the people who say these things back in time and introduce them to "Danielle Before Pageants.” I’m an introverted person and before I started competing in the USA system at 19, I was honestly scared to talk to people. I was intimidated of the people who could walk into a room and command everyone’s attention with out saying a word. Now, after competing in pageants for 6 years I’m more confident in my self than I have ever been.  I’d also introduce them to my pageant friends. The women I compete with are some of the nicest, most intelligent, driven women I’ve ever met. We cheer each other on and build each other up, not only during pageant weekend, but in life as well. 

What is your opinion about pageants that are being held worldwide for kids (-18 year old) ?

I don’t see a problem with children’s pageants. Personally, I believe that if a child expresses their interest in pageants they should be allowed to explore them. Pageants can teach a child social skills, how to be gracious, self confidence, work ethic, and discipline. However I don’t think children should be forced into pageantry if they have no interest in it. As far as international competitions go, I believe those should be reserved for Miss and Teen competitors.

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Who has the greatest influence on your life?

My grandmother. She’s my best friend and my biggest cheerleader. She’s always pushing me to be my very best. She lifts me up when I need it and has taught me though example what hard work and perseverance looks like. I truly hope to be half the woman she is one day. 

Your favorite beauty queen ?

Asking me to pick my favorite beauty queen is like asking me to pick my favorite dessert. I can’t pick just one!

chelsi smith

Chelsi Smith - Miss Universe 1995 ; Chelsi is from the same hometown that I am from and went to the same high school I went to. At my high school we have something called the Hall of Honor where distinguished alumni are nominated and and inducted into. Their picture is hung on a wall with a short bio of their accomplishments. The first time I saw her picture I knew I wanted to be and could be Miss Universe. She’s also Miss Texas USA’s only Miss Universe. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Miss USA a few years ago! 

alssa campanella
Alyssa Campanella - Miss USA 2011 ; Miss USA 2011 was the first Miss USA pageant I remember watching. Everything about her was/is absolutely stunning. I love following her on social media! I met Alyssa at the Miss Universe 2014 welcome party in Miami. I’m not going to lie I fan girl-ed SO hard when she walked into the party I might have had a mini panic attack. I’m grateful to have a friend who knows her personally who introduced us at the party. I was so speechless and shocked that I forgot to ask her for a picture. Luckily I was able to get one with her at the pageant!!

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Brittany Booker - Miss Texas USA 2012 ; Brittany was Miss Texas when I first competed in the USA system. She’s from Houston. 

nia sanchez miss

Nia Sanchez - Miss USA 2014 ; I was in the audience in Baton Rouge when Nia was crowned. Honestly, when I found out that she had worked for Disney and was friends with a few of the princesses I fell in love with her because I might be the biggest disney fan you ever meet. I first met Nia at Miss USA 2015 and she was so sweet to me and even took a picture with me! I’ve gotten to work with her through Universal Confidence as well!! 

pia ms

Pia Wurtzbach - Miss Universe 2015 ; I was in the audience when Pia was crowned and let me tell you, that is a moment I will NEVER forget. Pia carried herself with grace throughout her reign which is something I really admire about her. I also find her to be quite funny!

Thanks to the beautiful Danielle for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for Miss Texas USA pageant.