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Brittany Winchester is Miss Indiana USA 2017

Brittany Winchester of Indianapolis was crowned Miss Indiana USA 2017 on October 22, 2016. She will now represent her state at Miss USA 2017.
Did you know this ? Ten Miss Indiana USA winners previously competed at Miss Teen USA. The state currently holds the record for the most Miss Teen USA state winners to win a Miss USA state title. Two have competed at Miss America. One of these is Kelly Lloyd, the highest placed Miss Indiana Teen USA ever.

Brittany Winchester succeeds Miss Indiana USA 2016 Morgan Abel
Brittany Winchester succeeds Miss Indiana USA 2016 Morgan Abel

Miss Indiana USA 2017 Final Results

Winner: Brittany Winchester
First runner-up: Darrian Arch
Second runner-up: Kelsey White
Third runner-up: Ashley Paddock
Fourth runner-up: Victoria Brown

Heather Hines
Herkamal Kaur
Jessica McLean
Rubjeet Kaur
Gracie Lyons
Destiny Dever
Mercedez McDowell
Allison Hostetler
Samantha Toney
Emily Heller

Miss USA 2017 : Meet the candidates here

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