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Miss Usa with her boyfriend in New York

Miss Usa Nia Sanchez spent the 4th of July on a Yacht in New York City with her boyfriend Daniel Booko. Sanchez said "I'm the luckiest woman in the world to spend the Fourth Of July with this man". We love to look at couples and see the way that they look at each other and just tell that they are truly in love. Nia Sanchez has been dating Daniel Booko since before she won Miss Nevada USA.

nia sanchez boyfriend

Former Miss Universe Puerto Rico Joyce Giraud spent the 4th of July with her husband Michael Ohoven, he is a German Film Producer. They have two children, Leonardo and Valentino. Ohoven said "I love you USA! You gave me the love of my life, wonderful kids, good friends and great success."

joyce giraud miss universe
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