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Valerie Hernandez was crowned Miss International

Valerie Hernandez from Puerto Rico was crowned Miss International 2014 at Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa on November 11, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan.

MISS INTERNATIONAL 2014 RESULTS: Puerto Rico, Valerie Hernandez
2nd place: Colombia, Zuleika Suarez
2nd runner-up: Thailand, Punika Kulsoontornrut
3rd runner-up: United Kingdom, Victoria Tooby
4th runner-up: Finland, Milla Romppanen

She’s the third black woman to win the title, after Jeymmy Vargas of Colombia in 2004 and Elizabeth Mosquera of Venezuela in 2010. Accused of being racist by the specialized press, Miss International gave 1st and 2nd place spots to black women, both Latins.

Miss International beauty pageant is aimed at promoting “Love Peace and Excitement to the World”. The contestants of the pageant are expected to serve as "Ambassadors of Peace and Beauty", serving tenderness, generosity, friendship, beauty, intelligence and a great international sensibility.

Valerie Hernandez Miss International

Valerie Hernandez Miss International 2014

Miss International

Miss International Beauty Pageant

With Puerto Rico's victory at Miss International pageant, they jumped to the fourth position at the table of big 4 pageants pulling down India into 5th position!

It's right both countries have 8 international big 4 titleholders, but remember Puerto Rico has 5 Miss Universe while India has only 2, and in the system when two countries tie, they count the number of winners from biggest pageant to smallest which means Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, and then Miss International!

1st place : Venezuela with 21 big 4 titleholders

6 Miss International Crowns, 7 Miss Universe Crowns, 6 Miss World Crowns, 2 Miss Earth Crowns

Elizabeth Mosquera Miss International

2nd : USA with 14 titleholders

3 Miss International Crowns, 8 Miss Universe Crowns,  3 Miss World Crowns

Miss International 1978

3rd : Philippines with 9 titleholders

5 Miss International Crowns, 2 Miss Universe Crowns, 1 Miss World Crown, 1 Miss Earth Crown

Bea Santiago

4th Puerto Rico 8 (Because of 5 Miss Universe), 5th India (Because of 2 Miss Universe)!

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