2018 Miss Earth United States Candidate Bre L'Estrange Shares What A Crown Means to Her

The 2018 Miss Earth United States pageant will be held on July 15, 2018 in Washington, DC. The winner will have the opportunity to represent the United States in Miss Earth 2018.

The gorgeous Bre Lee L'Estrange has been preparing in all aspects including, mentally, emotionally, and physically - "I feel it is so important to feel balanced when going into the competition. Not only that, but stay healthy & hydrated is key to feeling your best (especially when traveling). I drink water all day long, have a very clean nutrition plan, and make sure my sleep schedule is on point! Beauty is sleep is essential" - she explained.

Bre Lee L'Estrange is a 20 year old born and raised in Colorado. After graduating high school she continued on to college to get her bachelors degree in Communications and Media study. With a 4.o gpa, Bre plans to graduate college with honors at Grand Canyon University. Chasing her dreams Bre is planning to tackle all of them within the next 5 years. Including, launching her lifestyle blog and becoming a barre instructor, and starting a non-profit organization to help women & men build confidence and how to live a beautifully balanced life. 

To those unfamiliar with your pageant system please tell us what is it about? 

The Miss Earth United States competition is a search for the most beautiful women of the Earth to serve as role models dedicated to uphold the advocacy to preserve and restore Mother Earth” ( Miss Earth United States, 2018).  The Miss Earth Organization strives to help raise environmental awareness and advocate for positive change on our planet while proving that these women do not just have beauty, but they are beauties for a cause.



Photo by Georgina Vaughan

Any advice for girls who want to compete in the Miss Earth U.S system ?

Apply today! It is a great experience and if you are wanting to improve within the industry/personally, advocate for an amazing cause, and meet 100 new sister queens. This is defiantly an organization you should compete in. 

What appearances have you done with your title?

I have done several appearances throughout my year but an appearance that really touched my heart was when I went to visit the children at the Dream Center Garden Club where I taught them how to make their own ecosystem out of plastic bottles and succulents! They were all so happy and loved learning about the environment, I also got a TON of hugs. 


Tell us about your evening gown?

Since this is my first time competing on a national level I really wanted to wear a gown that gleamed who I am as a person and of course, I am wearing a Sherri Hill from her couture line. You will have to live stream or attend the pageant to see what I will be wearing! 

What does the crown and sash symbolize to you?

The sash and crown symbolize a chance to use my voice. I love being able to advocate for important issues in our world and with being a title holder, it is so much more to me than the glitz and glam ( of course I love the glam but…). My main purpose for being a titleholder is to empower others and make positive change.  



What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I want to leave behind that no dream is too small or out of reach. I want to inspire others to live a beautifully balanced life and to make a positive impact on our earth no matter how small the action is, it all can make a huge difference if we do it together.


Thanks to the beautiful Bre Lee for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for Miss Earth United States pageant.