USA National Miss South Carolina Teen Ellie Malcolm Launched A Platform To Teach Your Kids The Thrill Of Volunteer

Character. Compassion. Caring. These are values that all parents want to instill in their children. But how do you teach your kids the value of selflessness, hard work, and generosity ? The beautiful Ellie Malcolm, who won the title of USA National Miss South Carolina Teen in october, created a platform called “Give me F.I.V.E Today.” It stands for F-Find your passion, I- Initiate, V-Volunteer- Encourage and inspire others. The goal is to teach young kids ways to volunteer for at least 5 hours a month.

Ellie's mother put her in her first beauty pageant when she was just 4 years old - "At the time I really did not understand what was going on so I just smiled and waved!. As years went by though, I continued to do pageants almost on a weekly basis. I started doing natural pageants, which soon led to glitz (which was my personal favorite). Each pageant I did, I set a personal goal and it made me feel great on the inside every time I reached it" - she explained.

Ellie will have the opportunity to represent the state of South Carolina in the USA National Miss Teen Pageant later this year, lets know a little more about her through this interview!

You won the title of USA National Miss South Carolina Teen, what does it entail?

Since winning the title in October, my state pageant director has instilled in us the importance of bonding as queens so she has put together events this year so that we can get to know each other!  We have all become very close and I’m so excited to experience the journey with them to the UNM Nationals in Florida!

In addition UNM promotes service! The national platform for UNM is The Crown Cares (Creating a Respectful Environment in Schools). As UNM SC Teen, my goal is to visit several local elementary schools to educate young kids about bullying and harassment and creating a safer school environment.

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What do you expect to gain by competing in pageantry?

The list goes on and on! I have gained confidence I never in a million years thought I would achieve. I learned discipline, kindness, responsibility, and so much more.  Pageantry has even inspired me to understand what I want to pursue when I get older which is to be a Sideline Reporter for ESPN. Most important, it will give me the tools I need to go in to schools and to speak to young kids the importance of being kind to their peers and to serve in the community.

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Tell me something about yourself your work. What do you actually do and have done in the past?

I grew up and still live in Simpsonville, SC. During my elementary and middle school years, I was a cheerleader for little league football and moved on to middle and high school competitive varsity cheer. I currently attend Hillcrest High School where I am involved in student council and play on the soccer team.

I am really looking forward to the next year because I was selected for the Teacher Cadet Program and Leadership Program. These classes, I feel, will make an impact on achieving my college and career goals. Along with school, I lifeguard at the YMCA, volunteer at The Springs Senior Home hosting BINGO, and help with Backpack Blessings. 


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What would you advise any young girl out there who has a dream of being a queen one day.

Be prepared to work hard and practice, practice, practice! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win a crown. Being on stage and giving it your all is learning! Also keep in mind that you will form friendships that last a long time. It is so awesome seeing my friends who I knew since I was 7 years old still competing like me and we run in to each other at appearances and hug and take pictures.

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Who is your ideal beauty queen and why?

I’ve always loved beauty queens such as Olivia Jordan


Deshauna Barber


Nia Sanchez


and Ali Rogers


But it’s not what you look like or what you wear that makes you a beauty queen.  Something all these girls have in common is beauty on the inside.

Thanks to the beautiful Ellie for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for USA National Miss Teen Pageant.