2018 Miss Houston Teen USA Candidate Theresa DeMayo Seeks To Spotlight Problem Of Bullying And Sexual Harassment In Public School

Many surveys show that significant numbers of students experience this type of bullying and sexual harassment each year, especially girls and LGBT students. But when it comes to reporting specific incidences of bullying and harassment based on sex, all too many school districts “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” That’s a mistake with potentially tragic and far reaching consequences.

The gorgeous Theresa DeMayo, who'll be competing for the crown of Miss Houston Teen USA 2018, was a victim of extensive bullying and sexual harassment in public school - "I made the decision that I needed to be the one to speak up for change in public schools. I withdrew from public school as a sophomore and officially enrolled as a full time college student at the age of 16" - she explained.

Theresa is now the Texas Student State Representative for Be Strong, she works with this organization in order to prevent bullying by introducing the program into Texas public schools.

In addition of this, her recent hobbies include ballroom dancing. She has recently become a certified makeup artist. Currently she hopes to be working soon as a professional model and actor with Page Parkes Modeling Agency.

Here we bring you the untold facts about Theresa’s life and also her ideas, objectives and opinions… Have a look!

You will compete at the Miss Houston USA Pageant. How will you prepare the contest ? 

I have been preparing for this contest since November 2017. I was blessed to find an amazing coach Henna Ahmad, she has been working with me, helping me pick my pageant attire, mentoring me with how to walk, stand, and be prepared to answer the judges questions. I have also had the good fortune being a contestant in the Miss Houston USA pageant to receive additional training in hair, makeup, pageantry walking, and interview preparation. I have incorporated exercise and a healthier diet so that I am both physically and mentally ready for the pageant.  


Photo by Jose Luis

What inspired you to walk on the course of beauty pageants? 

Initially I wanted to know more about behind the scenes because I am a certified makeup artist. However, I was invited to attend the Miss Texas Teen 2017 by a family friend and realized that this was something I wanted to do in order to share not only my story but to establish a platform to create change in our public schools. For me personally, its more than just creating awareness it is being actively involved in creating that change in our public schools and in our society.

What do you expect to gain by competing in pageantry?

In competing in pageantry, it is my hope to grow personally, to be a leader and example to not only young women but all people. There is nothing in life that can keep you from reaching for your goals. I hope to gain even more confidence as I step out beyond my comfort zone. I want to be able to help others find their confidence and their unique genius. 



Many misses have said that their dream since a child was to participate in a pageant as prestigious as Miss World (or Miss Universe). It this your case ? And if so, why ?

I have always been interested in Pageants and now have a deep passion to realize that that " Cinderella dream" can come true and I believe that participating in a Pageant as prestigious as Miss Universe would be a little girls dream come true. 

Social media seem to play a major role in pageantry nowadays. Do you think this is advantageous to you? Why or why not? 

I believe social media can be a very important factor in helping the people know who the contestants are as a real person in their daily life. I believe it helps me personally by reaching an audience that would not normally be able to know me without social media. 

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We’ve all seen the stereotypical portrayals of pageant contestants, a la Miss Congeniality, spreading peace, love and beauty throughout the world. How do you think you'll make a difference ? 

I feel that I am able to make a difference because I would bring to the crown 2 already active platforms. I am a full time volunteer averaging over 20 hours a week for Special Angels of The Woodlands, a day activity center for intellectually disabled adults. I also am the Texas Student State Representative for Be Strong " " . Both of these platforms actively cause change in the world that we all want to see a better place. They create atmospheres for inclusiveness for all people. Being able to share these platforms makes me an effective leader and mentor for people of all ages. 

What would you advise any young girl out there who has a dream of being a queen one day?

I would say to all the young girls out there who aspire to be a queen that they need to believe in themselves , believe in their dream, and never lose sight of who they are. I would tell them that they have something to offer the world and that they shine in their uniqueness. 


Thanks to the beautiful Theresa for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for Miss Houston Teen USA pageant.