Brooklyn Patterson's Journey as a Titleholder: An Experience to Treasure

Ask a titleholder what she loves most about wearing the crown and she will tell you this : it's all about giving back and growing. When you wear the crown, you experience tremendous growth, both personally and professionally. A titleholder cultivates a wealth of skills that translate into successful, fulfilling careers.  It will prepare you for a bright future. You’ll master the art of speaking in front of crowds. You’ll flex your time management muscles and grow your organizational skills. You’ll learn how to set goals and crush them. And you’ll do it all being confidently beautiful!

Brooklyn Patterson won the crown of Miss Permian Basin Teen 2017, it was a complete shock since she had never been in a pageant before. She was encouraged by a close friend to enter the pageant and she went into it with the mindset of having fun and experiencing something new and outside of her comfort zone - "I have been dancing since I was two years old and dancing competitively since I was seven so being on stage was not new to me but being judged was definitely out of my comfort zone! Getting to dress up in beautiful clothes and shoes was so much fun!" - she explained.

Having the title of Miss Permian Basin Teen has opened up countless opportunities for her and has allowed her to be a part of things that she probably would not have had the chance to do otherwise - "I have loved every minute of it and I feel truly blessed that I have had the privilege of representing my community!"

Brooklyn will have the opportunity to compete in the 2018 Miss Texas Teen USA Pageant this month. Texas is one of the most successful states across all twenty-seven years of competition at Miss Teen USA. They have had seventeen semi-finalists, three more than any other state. They have won the crown three times, in 1996 when Christie Lee Woods took the title (Woods later went on to star in The Amazing Race 5) and 15 years later in 2011 when Danielle Doty won. Karlie Hay became the third Texan entrant to win the crown in 2016. 

What do you expect to gain by competing in pageantry?

Being a title holder and a part of pageantry has been such a growth experience for me. I have learned more about myself this year than ever before and I am so thankful for that. All that I expect to get out of pageantry is just that: growth. Of course I would love to take home the crown but ultimately, I am simply trying to become a better version of
myself through this process and have a wonderful experience that I will never forget. I have met so many incredible people throughout this journey and I am so excited to
meet many more!

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Did you face any moment of disappointment with yourself during the pageant journey, and how did you overcome it?

The process of preparing for a pageant can be very strenuous! I have answered questions about myself and my beliefs that I never really took the time to think about before the pageant. Initially this process was difficult and I was sometimes disappointed in myself for not being able to communicate my ideas and beliefs more effectively.

Through lots of soul searching and self-reflection, which I have to admit has been difficult at times, I have been able to think through what it is I do believe in, what I stand for and how to communicate those things effectively. Nothing about this journey has actually been disappointing to me, it has be enriching, encouraging and enlightening. I am very grateful for this pageant journey because it has made me more confident in who I am and what I believe in.

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What would you advise any young girl out there who has a dream of being a queen one day?

Follow your dreams and don’t let anything hold you back from them! Hard work and dedication always pays off in the end so put in the work, do your best, and you will
succeed. Love yourself and the people around you and strive to be the best version of yourself. Also, never forget that you don’t need a crown on your head to be a queen. You already are a queen! Own it!

Who is your ideal beauty queen and how has she helped you to evolve as a beauty queen?

Nia Sanchez. She is so genuine and is a true example of a modern day woman with utmost class and elegance. She inspires girls to be themselves and not allow the world to shape them into something they’re not. I respect her for her humility in such a “spotlight” position. Although I have not met her personally, her kindness and character
shine through her smile and I strive as a titleholder to set the same example that she does to all women!


Thanks to the beautiful Brooklyne for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for Miss Texas Teen USA pageant.