How Beauty Pageants Make Strong Women, According To Lisa Bennett Miss Galaxy Australia Candidate

Pageant girls are fighting to keep the reputation of pageantry positive. Lisa Bennett, who will be competing for the crown of Miss Galaxy Australia, made it her mission to speak out about her platform and talk to young girls about what it really means to be “beautiful.” The pageants that she participates in require women to be poised, elegant, talented, and well-spoken - "I do believe that pageants can be a positive for woman if people take the time to truly look into a pageant and see that there is more to it than walking around on a stage in a bikini. I feel that by telling my story of how the world of pageants has helped me with my health, self esteem, anxiety and my overall happiness I can open peoples minds to see pageants are not degrading and that they are creating strong modern women" - she explained.

We will not deny that some pageants are nothing more than a group of outsiders judging someone on their physical beauty, but most pageants are much more than just that. With the question-answer segments, pageants are moving away from aesthetics and forcing contestants to be well-spoken, knowledgeable, and graceful young ladies who are passionate about a purpose.

I had the opportunity to interview the beautiful Lisa on her pageant experience and on her preparation for the Miss Galaxy Australia Contest. Lets know a little more about her below!

You will compete in Miss Galaxy Australia, the Western Australia state final will be held in December. How will you prepare the pageant ?

I feel like I'm more mentally prepared than i've ever been for a pageant this time around. I feel more complete and happy with who I am, where I want to go and what I want to achieve. However there is still more room to learn and grow. I will be continuing my training and fitness to be the best version I can be on the outside to reflect how I feel on the inside. Also I hope to continue with my volunteering and charity work to keep growing as a confident woman who wants to make a difference. 

Why did you choose the Galaxy Australia system ?

Miss Galaxy Australia was the first pageant system I had ever competed in and this will be the third time. I feel my galaxy journey isn't over yet I still have so much to achieve in this system. I feel so much support and love from the Galaxy Australia team and I know that they have the girls best interests at heart and only want whats best for them.


Would you like to compete in a system like Miss Universe Australia or Miss World Australia ?

Wow I've actually haven't really thought about it much. I don't know what the future holds for me on my pageant journey. I would love to branch out and try the different pageant systems that are available to me so Miss World Australia and Miss Universe Australia is quite a possibility for the future. We'll see.

You recently competed at Miss Global/Intercontinental Australia. What is your most memorable moment from the pageant ? 

I can't find the words to describe how amazing I feel about my time competing in that pageant. From the moment I sent my application in to the crowning night I gave it my all. Nothing can take away the moment my name was called for a spot in the top 5. That was my goal and to achieve that felt incredibly amazing. It was also my first ever placement in a pageant and I felt like I deserved to stand there so to finally get that reconigtion and to know what I can achieve makes it defiantly one of the most amazing nights in my life.  

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Did you face any moment of disappointment with yourself during the pageant journey, and how did you overcome it ?

I did have little bit of a emotional and self doubt moment on one of the nights of the pageant. I guess I got a bit overwhelmed and putting pressure on myself to be perfect and that made me to be upset and not wanting to perform that night being scared of how I will perform. After being told no I couldn't pull out and and had a good talk to I was able to calm myself down and 5 minutes later got up and performed my talent in front of an audience and it was all ok. Looking back on it now I am so grateful for that talk it was the push I need to snap out of it and get back on track. I felt embarrassed afterwards that I let the little self doubt voice inside me get to me, but it reminds me I'm human and after all that i was able to continue and achieve my goals.    

What would you advise any young girl out there who has a dream of being a queen one day?

Don't let anyone tell you you can't achieve it and don't change who you are or be pretend to be someone else to get there. I was told that i would never place in a pageant and I just placed top 5 in a national pageant. I did it by being myself and proud of who I am.

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 Thanks to the beautiful Lisa for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for your next pageant!