Irish Beauty Queen Laura Entwistle breaks pageant stereotypes

The gorgeous Laura Entwistle, who'll be competing in Ms Galaxy Ireland 2017 later this year, is all about breaking stereotypes to set the record straight on so-called pageant girls. She is a computer scientist and work with global banks on their technology strategy. "My industry can be very male dominated, as can others, most women will experience being undermined, sexual comments or unwanted advances, the gender pay gap and general inequality. I’ve experienced all of it myself in the workplace but also outside of the workplace and not enough is being done to change the culture. I've made it my mission to bridge that gap and give the young women of the future a better chance of success in life. " Laura explained.

She has been competing in the pageant industry for a few years now - "I don’t think I’ll ever leave." She recently transitioned into the Ms category which she loves because she believes this category represents a strong woman with life experience, who knows who she is and where she is going. 

I had the opportunity to interview the reigning Ms Galaxy County Dublin, candidate for the crown of Ms Galaxy Ireland 2017. I appreciate her sharing her story. I hope you will enjoy this interview!

You will compete in Ms Galaxy Ireland. How will you prepare the pageant?

I feel like I've been preparing for this my whole life, I know that sounds cheesy but as I said previously I've been in pageants for a few years now and been lucky enough to represent either Ireland or the UK in four internationals but the Galaxy pageant has always been the one that I felt I aligned to the most in terms of what I believe in.  

I've been training in the gym for months already, with two and a half to go, this includes a blend of cardio, weights and HiiT. I'm on a strict healthy eating and healthy portion plan now to get the best nutrients from what I'm eating. I've always been curvy and love my curves but I'm keen to get as toned as I can.

I've also been focusing on my appearances and building up my platform as well as getting my outfits planned. I'm lucky to have some great sponsors who are supporting me.

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What qualities a woman should have to represent a whole nation?

There are so many so I'll name my top 3. Dedicated, Role Model, Open Minded

To represent your nation is a difficult, time consuming job, she must be willing to put time into her duties, her platform and to others. When you represent your country you have a real opportunity to make a difference, therefore dedication to your country and your title is vital.

The title holder should also be a role model and her actions should reflect that of a role model. Many young women will be inspired and will look up to the title holder, nowadays with so much happening in the world, young women need strong role models to look up to.

The title holder must be open minded and accepting of different cultures and people. She will be meeting so many different people during her reign and therefore she should be open to experiencing new cultures, religions and more. Diversity is what makes our world so interesting and the title holder will grow as a person through her cultural experiences throughout her reign.

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We are all unique so what would you say is something that makes you stand out from the other contestants?

One thing that really stands out is how different my job is to pageants but the passion I have for both. I work in a global consultancy firm giving strategic advice to the largest banks in the world. Im a woman in business and the higher up in my career I go the more I can see how it actually aligns to pageants in many ways.

I lead a women in technology initiative that gives our future female leaders a platform to progress their careers. I'm also a governor at a local primary school and a female youth mentor. My passion is to enable our future female leaders to achieve their dreams by knocking down all of the resistance in the world trying to stop them. One of the best moments recently for me was coaching a youth from an underprivileged area who could barely look me in my eye at our first meeting, we worked together to build towards job applications, interview skills and trying to deal with personal issues. Within 6 months, she had built up the confidence to get her first job, I was so proud of her.

Social media seem to play a major role in pageantry nowadays. Do you think this is advantageous to you? Why or why not? 

I think social media has some great advantages but also some negatives that come with it. As an advantage, I'm able to network and connect with people all over the world at the tip of my finger. Girls that I met through pageants, school friends who I haven't seen in years, family, it's fantastic that they're so far away but seem so close. Another advantage is being able to raise awareness of your own brand and charities, whether you're holding an event, creating a YouTube channel or doing a charity campaign, these can be seen and shared by a significant amount of people imminently, the internet has huge potential for spreading awareness.

The negative side to social media concerns me more for our younger generations. Due to the fact that it's so easy to contact people, it's also easy for strangers to contact youths and pretend they are somebody else. We must ensure we give them the right education about the dangers of social media. Equally, you must always be careful what you share on social media and think "would my parents approve of this post" if not, don't post it as it could be seen by future employers and stop you getting your dream job or result in you getting your title taken off you.

What do you expect to gain by competing in pageantry?

I've grown so much since competing in pageants, going from a shy girl who didn't have much confidence to being a coach and mentor, enabling young women to succeed. Moving forward, I'd like to continue to grow as a person and I'm hoping my title will enable me to make an even bigger difference in this world to empower young women today. Ultimately my goal is to win Ms Galaxy as I share the same beliefs as the system and I know it will give me an accelerated platform to make more of a big difference in people's lives.

What is your favorite pageant or which pageant do you recommend others to compete in?

It has to be Galaxy, I competed for the Galaxy England title a few years ago and loved it but didn't feel as though I was ready for the title, I didn’t take the crown which shows I wasn’t, I took some time out to compete in other pageants to boost confidence and practice. I was lucky to get to compete internationally 4 times, coming 1st runner up in one two years in a row. Now I feel as though I'm ready to give the Galaxy title everything I have. I'm competing in Ms Galaxy Ireland in October. My mums side of the family are all Irish and this gives me a chance to represent my heritage for the third time hopefully. This pageant is my favourite because of everything it stands for.

img 20170717 175742 883Thanks to the beautiful Laura for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for Ms Galaxy Ireland 2017 pageant.