She entered the competition to step out of her comfort zone. The beautiful Alise Murniece, a 21-year-old student, will compete on August 31st for the chance to represent Ireland at the presitigious Miss Universe Pageant. Through the organization, the winner is provided a platform based on her objectives for the year. She will serve as ambassador for the country of Ireland. She will be the face of beauty and fashion brands and bring awareness to social causes for the greater good of communities across Ireland. Alongside The Miss Universe Ireland Organization, she will plan how to achieve her personal and professional goals on the national and global scale.

Beginning in 2017 Britanny Mason, former Miss Indiana USA 2008 took the Miss Universe franchise in Dublin. Brittanny with her management, MOXIE Media Productions aim to produce the new style of Miss Universe Ireland national contest
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Pageantry has taught her to be respectful and represent herself as a young, confident, and strong woman. The gorgeous Danielle Bosley will have the opportunity to walk the Miss Texas USA stage in a few days. "After competing in pageants for 6 years I’m more confident in my self than I have ever been. My confidence grows every year because pageants allow me to push my self mentally and physically and I realize what I’m capable of." she explained.

Danielle leads a pretty busy lifestyle. She is a full time graduate student at Lamar University where she is studying business. She is also a business owner. She owns Bronze Method, it’s a mobile airbrush tanning company. "I travel to my client’s homes and provide them with a tanning service. They do have the option however of coming to my home, but for the most part I travel to them."

Here we bring you the untold facts about Danielle’s life and also her ideas, objectives and opinions… Have a look!

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The gorgeous Alexandria Brown was inspired to enter the Miss Illinois USA Pageant world due to two life events. The first, she lost 80 pounds over the course of a year. "I fell in love with health and fitness because I realized how much of a change it can make in your life.  As a pageant queen I would be able to reach out to other women in regards teaching them how important it is to living a healthy lifestyle." she explained.

The second event would be when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer "I watched her fight it through her faith, prayer, and strength every day. It was that event that made me realize I could gain a platform to speak out to women about prevention of breast cancer and women's health."

Alexandria graduated from the University of St. Francis with a bachelor's degree in Business and Health Administration. She currently works at DeVry University as a student support advisor assisting students with their academic and financial needs.  In addition, she is a personal trainer and takes her exam to become certified in the fall of this year.

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For her the crown symbolizes possibility. The gorgeous Rachel Hornbuckle, who'll be competing in the 2018 Miss Texas USA Pageant was born an overcomer. "Doctors said I would be confined to a wheelchair my whole life, but I defied the odds and not only walked, but ran and now I’ll be walking at Miss Texas USA 2018. It’s mind blowing to me, but that experience pushes me to give my all no matter what I’m participating in." she explained.

Because pageants are not just about the gowns and crowns. Rachel believes they can play a role in the betterment of society. The beauty queen dedicates countless hours to  her community by participating in free legal advice clinics, Habitat for Humanity wills clinic, Legal Services, re-entry clinics, and Operation Homeless Connect in Birmingham, Alabama. "My life’s work is dedicated to lowering the rate of generational incarceration and recidivism, while also addressing the social stigmas and affects generational incarceration has on children."

This cause is near and dear to her heart because she was a child affected by parental incarceration, - "I truly know how this life altering event can influence a child’s path in life." she added.

According to USA Today over 5 million U.S. children have an incarcerated parent, meaning 1 out of 14 children have a parent who has been removed from the household.  These children are 6 times more likely than their peers to commit a crime or be incarcerated. "I was blessed enough to have people around me to push me towards my destiny and away from self-destruction, but not every child has a support system like I did, which is why I want to be the change by bringing awareness to this epidemic."

I had the opportunity to interview Rachel a few days before the Miss Texas Usa Pageant. I appreciate her sharing her story. I hope you will enjoy this interview!

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She comes from the world’s powerhouse for pageant queens. The gorgeous Monalysa Alcantara won the prestigious title of Miss Brazil 2017. She will have the opportunity to represent her country at Miss Universe 2017 later this year. 

The Miss Brazil, and Brazil itself, are responsible for one of the most successful campaigns in history of Miss Universe, with two winners and several runners-up, finalists and semifinalists. It was considered one of the best organized and most successful beauty pageants during the 1950s and 1960s and is believed that much of the fame of the beauty of Brazilian women comes from this.

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