There are as many reasons for entering a pageant as there are girls entering, and there is a story behind each one. Some enter pageants because their friends or family encourage them, others because their classmates are doing it. And many girls are lured by the enticing prizes, hefty scholarships and visions of future fame. Here's Emily Johnson story of transforming from a shy girl to a confident contestant - "Growing up with a speech disorder along with many years of speech therapy lead be to become very shy in my everyday life. Pageants was something I watched but never believed I could do due to this" - she explained.

Coming up into high school she decided to join her first pageant - "speaking in public and even one on one with others was the biggest obstacle I had to over come" - she added.

The beautiful Emily had to opportunity to represent Brainerd in the 2018 Miss Minnesota Teen United States Pageant earlier this year, read more about her story below!


You may know her as Miss Minnesota United States 2018 but Mandy Peterson is also a suicide-attempt survivor. Depression and mental health awareness are now the forefront of Mandy's personal and professional life - "Without the crown I know I was making a difference for many individuals but now with the crown and the backing of such supportive directors I feel unstoppable" - she explained.

Peterson has shared her own battle with depression to military, students, even parents not only in Minnesota but around the world just in the four short weeks she has had her title - "I will continue to use my passion to inform people that they are not alone, and they can overcome their battle" - she added.

The reality is that 1 in 4 people will suffer from depression or some form of mental illness in their lifetime. Mandy Peterson is in a place now where she can see the positives of her battle with Depression and most of the time she feels grateful that she has experienced this because of what it has taught her.

Mandy will have the opportunity to represent the state of Minnesota at the 2018 Miss United States Pageant later this year.

Did you know ? The reigning Miss United States 2017 is Farida Baligh of Florida, crowned on July 8, 2017 at the Omni Orlando Resort at Champions Gate in Orlando, Florida. Notable past Miss United States titleholders include Miss United States 2014 Elizabeth Safrit who represented the United States at Miss World 2014 in London where she placed as the 2nd runner-up and earned the title Miss World Americas.

Lets know a little more about her inspiring story and her journey to the crown through this interview!


“There she is, Miss America. There she is, your ideal, the dream of a million girls who are more than pretty, can come true in Atlantic City. For she may turn out to be the queen of femininity” boomed the theme song at Miss America’s 1968 pageant. Outside, women were protesting the pageant, citing its misogyny, homophobia, and fatphobia, and also objecting to the Miss America Organization’s documented racism. 

In 1983, a 20-year-old Vanessa Williams became the first blackwoman to be crowned Miss America. It was a milestone many decades in the making - Vanessa Williams is the epitome of determination and grace. Vanessa Williams auspiciously paved the way for African American women in the pageant world" - confessed Anitra Byrum, the reigning Ms. Woman New York United States 2018.

As Ms. Woman New York United States Anitra will be a role model of good works, peaceful thinking, community service advocate, and ambassador of goodwill - "It is important that I lead a great example to women, children, and the community as a whole. I will do my very best to be inspirational. One of my favorite scriptures I live by; "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - she explained.

Lets know a little more about Anitra's pageant experience through this interview!


The gorgeous Cynthia Linnet Lau, a twenty one year old with Chinese, Spanish and Cuban roots, was crowned Miss Art Deco 2018.  Resilient, compassionate, and survivor would be the three words that define her.  She is a firm believer of “if a problem arises, come up with a solution, and run with it”. 

Since she was 13 years old, Cynthia lives by this mantra when diagnosed with a Gastro Intestinal Tumor and her life would never be the same. “The word CANCER is one of the scariest things for someone to hear, and so when it knocks on your door you cry, hope, struggle but above all else look for the cure.” From that moment on she lives day by day to her upmost potential because the path choose to embark on is the one that we will work for.


I felt the need to start by explicitly stating the definition of both of these terms because oftentimes, people have the misconception that feminists are “crazy” females who do not shave their legs or armpits and basically hate men. This could not be any further from the truth. A feminist is simply a person, female or male, that wants equal rights for both genders, and an outspoken feminist simply notices and points out that equal rights for both genders have not yet been achieved.

And yes, you can compete in a beauty pageant and call yourself feminist. The gorgeous Larissa Hirst, who'll be competing for the crown of Miss Universe Great Britain 2018, thinks that the Miss Universe Pageant allows women to celebrate their differences and being confidently beautiful - "Women are like diamonds - we are all different sizes, shapes and colours, and yes we have flaws. If more people celebrated their differences, I think the world would be happier."

Larissa currently works in financial journalism which is a male dominated environment - "I think being able to thrive in a challenging field will help me. I also blog on my female news site, Feminists in Heels, which is my way of empowering women by giving them a bigger voice in the world" - she explained.

Check my interview about Larissa's preparation for the Miss Universe GB pageant below! Did you know ? Great Britain has never won the Miss Universe title. The closest it could reach was in the year 2013, when Amy Willerton secured the Top 10 spot at Miss Universe 2013 pageant. 


Beauty queens from small towns are making just the right kind of noise around. They are beautiful, confident and truly determined to achieve their goals in life. The gorgeous Rebecca Hudson, who'll be competing for the crown of Miss Universe Great Britain 2018 later this year, is a small town girl with big aspirations - "I've grown up in a small town and already been able to achieve my dreams of being a professional dancer. I definitely do not get stage fright and I also deal well under pressure and stress" - she explained.

Growing up in the dance world she has dealt with a lot of set backs which has only made her more determined and driven. And this will really help her in the competition!

If she wins the title Rebecca will have the opportunity to represent her country in Miss Universe 2018. Did you know ? Great Britain has never won the Miss Universe title. The closest it could reach was in the year 2013, when Amy Willerton secured the Top 10 spot at Miss Universe 2013 pageant. 

I had the opportunity to interview Rebecca on her preparation for the upcoming pageant. Lets know a little more about this beautiful and inspiring woman through this interview!


The health status of indigenous peoples worldwide varies according to their unique historical, political, and social circumstances. Disparities in health between Maoris and non-Maoris have been evident for all of the colonial history of New Zealand. Explanations for these differences involve a complex mix of components associated with socioeconomic and lifestyle factors, availability of health care, and discrimination.

Eva Wilson, a New Zealand beauty pageant winner, choose to focus on Women’s health, particularly indigenous New Zealand Maori women, and how inequities in pay and opportunities lead to lower health outcomes - "As a student of Health Science, I am concerned with health inequities in our society, and the social and economic determinants of one’s health" - she explained.

Lets know a little more about Eva and her pageant experience through this interview!


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