Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!  It’s crazy that lack of height somehow contributes to lack of beauty.  That’s the age old stereotype they at USA Petite Miss are here to break down. Consider this Miss America crowned their first beauty queen in 1921 and she was 5’1″, after that there have only been five petite queens throughout the pageants history.  That’s crazy! Exactly, why the USA Petite System was created for petite women 5’6″ and under.  And over hundred thousand petite women have joined the petite fashion movement!

The USA Petite Pageant was founded in 2009 by Hazely Corp. The areas of competition include swimsuit, evening gown, judge interview, and on-stage question.

Here are the current titleholders : 

- Teen Ambassador Petite 2017: Codie Kramer
- USA Petite Teen 2017: Angelika Gonzalez
- USA Petite Miss 2017: Jenna Kienbaum
- USA Petite Ms. 2017: Neisha Molina
- USA Petite Mrs. 2017: Leah Jensen

The USA Petite system has been around for several years but does not have official state prelims in all 50 states. The beautiful Dania Denise, who won the crown of USA Petite Ms in 2015, is committed to changing that, starting with her home state of California and establishing the California Petite competition - "After being crowned USA Petite Ms. 2015, I fell in love with the USA Petite system. The fact that this system exists is the reason I was able to continue pursuing pageantry in my 30s and gave me a renewed sense of purpose. I knew I wanted to bring those same opportunities and platforms to other women who are not only older and have “aged out” a long time ago in the other systems but that happen to be shorter than most pageants would care to represent" - she explained.

Petite women have always been overlooked in many aspects and Dania knows that by growing the USA Petite system and implementing State Preliminaries in all 50 states is what it will take for petite women of all shapes, sizes and ages to have their shot in the pageantry spotlight."It is because of the need for this demographic to be properly represented that I wouldn’t consider becoming a director in the Miss USA system or any other system at this time. I’m exactly where I belong and where I’m needed and it feels great!"

 I had the opportunity to interview Dania on her pageant experience as a titleholder and director. Lets know a little more about this beautiful and inspiring woman through this interview!


She competed in the first ever Galaxy UK Pageant around 10 years ago. The gorgeous Laura Entwistle won the prestigious title of Ms Galaxy Ireland a few months ago and the first thing that went through her mind when she won the crown was “Laura, you did it, you actually did it, you’re finally a Galaxy queen” - "I’ve always been someone who was terrified of failure, and even worse, people seeing me fail, because of this I struggled to open up and let people see the real me" - she explained.

"The moment that my name was called was amazing to me because it meant that all of my hard work, self-building and previous disappointments/lessons learned had paid off, I finally felt like I deserved this title, which is a feeling that’s difficult to describe, I felt empowered."

Laura will have the opportunity to represent Ireland in the Ms Galaxy Contest later this year. Lets know a little more about her preparation through this interview!


Miss USA class of 2018 is complete! 51 contestants will compete for the crown. 

Miss USA 2018 will be the 67th Miss USA pageant. Kára McCullough of District of Columbia will crown her successor at the end of the event. The winner will represent the United States at the Miss Universe 2018 pageant.


This year we will see many familiar faces returning to compete for Miss USA 2018. With a record number of former Miss Teen USA competitors vying for the Miss USA crown in 2014, the number has reached 10 girls this year. To many pageant followers, the former Teen titleholders are the said “frontrunners” competing at the greatest pageant in America. This can be very questionable to some people, including myself.


The United States may be known for its higher education; compared to many other countries. However women are just 13 percent of mechanical engineering undergraduate students. 

When these disparities persist, everyone suffers. Women miss out on opportunities in growing and highly paid occupations that require science and engineering skills. So, how can we get more women into engineering fields, and help them stay for their whole careers? We need their insight and creativity to help solve the problems facing our world.

The gorgeous Kristen Leyva, who'll be competing for the crown of Miss New Mexico USA 2018, created her own mentorship program called #JustONE where she utilizes her position as engineer to travel to elementary and middle schools all over her state to inspire and encourage young kids, especially girls to peruse opportunities and careers in engineering.

If she wins the crown Kristen will have the opportunity to represent her state at Miss USA 2018. Did you know ? New Mexico has had moderate success at Miss USA, with many placements in the 1960s to the '80s and one Miss USA, Mai Shanley in 1984.

I had the opportunity to interview Kristen on her preparation for the upcoming pageant. Lets know a little more about this beautiful and inspiring woman through this interview!