Depression and anxiety are one of the youth's main problems of today. And Jess Turunen wants people to know that it is a real sickness and it affects people in many different ways. She believes that one of the most fundamental knowledge is how to manage our own mind and emotions, and this isn't something taught in schools but eventually learned through searching and experience. 

Jess is aligning with the local Australian charity LIVIN. LIVIN was founded in honour of Dwayne Lally who like many others took his life after suffering in silence from a mental illness.

Turunen loves to help others, and she is fascinated by the study of human behaviour - "I recently ceased my 12 year long career in hair and makeup to pursue my dream of becoming a life coach. So coaching and neuro-linguistic programming is the perfect fit for me" - she explained.

In addition to being a beauty queen Jess Turunen is a wife and mom of two little boys - "I felt that at times I had lost a part of myself as I had very little hobbies and interests outside of my family. I entered into Mrs Australia Continents competition, and low and behold - I won! I can't imagine my life any other way now, and my kids love that I am a queen."

Lets know a little more about Jess' story and her journey to the crown of Mrs Continents 2018 through this interview! 


On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men. Since being selected a pageant girl, Saryna Ritter has used the spotlight to draw attention to domestic violence, as an advocate for other victims. 

"When I was in high school I had a close friend who we found out was getting physically abused at home. Being so scared for her and not knowing what to do...a few friends and I went to the school counselor to seek help for her. A few weeks later I received a letter in the mail about pageants and how you can have a platform. Not knowing what that meant at the time, I needed more information so I called the number. At the end of the conversation I signed up because I wanted to be that voice for my friend and reach out to others in the same situation. I started pageantry and was inspired to start competing to help others."

Saryna will have the opportunity to represent the state of Illinois in the International Ms Pageant on August 24-26, 2018 in New York City. The contest is for women 26-39 and is opened to all nationalities and marital statuses, with or without children. 

Lets know a little more about Saryna's story and her journey to the crown through this interview! 


Suicide is the third leading cause of death for America’s youth at that time and that's why Robin Towle is determined to do whatever she could to protect families from the devastation of suicide - "Suicide is a real issue this age of time. With my personal experience of having a child who struggles with anxiety and depression and my own struggles I have first hand experience on things. I have felt a power from God behind my work and I am a willing instrument in his hands" -she explained.

Towle was invited to be present at the signing of eleven new bills passed for suicide prevention. She was extremely thrilled with the bill that created the safe UT app which gives youth and their parents access to 24/7 licensed clinicians who can dispatch a mobile unit if needed. Students and parents can anonymously report bullying, someone they are concerned would self-harm or school threats anonymously through this app as well. Towle states ‘” this is big! Our legislatures put the money where their mouth is! They not only passed this bill, they felt it was so important they took limited resources and funded this program!” 

Robin Towle, who'll be competing for the crown of Mrs America later this year, has been making every minute count in her reign as Mrs. Utah America. She has been busy with her non-profit Sign Wolfpact and preparing to have chapter up and running by next school year. Towle states "this is a beautiful program that teaches positive self-talk, mindfulness, self-awareness, inclusion, gratitude, resilience, core values, kindness, service, and gratitude. It is taught through outdoor activities and service projects. It is available for schools, community and churches. The most beautiful part is that it can be started by parents, and teachers who want to make a difference. They get to actually engage with their youth and can help foster environments for healthy relationships in a fun environment.”

As Mrs America she will be able to help teens all over the country. Towle and her husband have taken their six children to all 48 states in an RV. She would love to do that again as Mrs. America and share to share the message of hope.

Did you know ? The Mrs. America Pageant is a beauty competition that was established to honor married women throughout the United States of America. Each of the contestants representing the 50 states and the District of Columbia range in age from their 20s to 50s and earns the right to participate in the national event by winning her state competition. These state events are under the direction of Mrs. America state directors. The winner goes on to compete in the Mrs. World pageant


And the Miss USA 2018 winner is Miss Nebraska Sarah Rose Summers.

The 23-year-old Omaha-born contestant took over from Miss District of Columbia’s Kara McCullogh as Miss America, beating 50 other beauty queens to claim the revamped contest.

Sarah Rose Summers will now go on to represent the United States at the Miss Universe Contest.


You’ll be surprised by how much there is to gain from pageants if you enter with the right mindset. The only way to overcome your fears and grow as a person is to challenge yourself by getting out of your comfort zone.

The beautiful Skylar Stearley, who'll be competing for the crown of Miss High School America 2018 later this year, wanted to do something on her own, totally out of her comfort zone, and that's when she found pageants. - "I loved that they would help build my public speaking skills, grow my confidence, and allow me to devote the majority of my time to community service" - she explained.

Skylar started practicing in August, and won the title of Miss Nebraska High School America in November - "It's been an amazing experience the whole time!"

Did you know ? The Miss High School America Pageant competition exists for the purpose of providing personal and professional opportunities for high school girls. The goal is to provide outstanding high school girls the opportunity to compete in a pageant system that has the highest of moral values.

Lets know a little more about Skylar's story and her journey to the crown of Miss High School America through this interview! 


The United States leads the world in deaths by drunk drivers. In fact, nearly as many Americans are killed every year by drunk drivers as are by gun violence. Most were killed by good people, just like you and me.

Every day, 29 people in the country die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This is one death every 50 minutes.

It's because the loss of a loved one that Nicole Rowe recently started her platform Stay Alive Dont Drink and Drive - "My friend was killed by a wrong-way drunk driver last year so her roommate and I started a company to raise funds for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. We handstamp coordinates of the most beautiful places (our friend was an explorer). 10% of each purchase goes to MADD" - she explained.

Nicole is focusing on advocating against drunk driving by working with different organizations and working with the Miss America's national platform, children's miracle network hospitals. A unique characteristic she will bring to the 2018 Miss America competition is that her service will continue after the title, even with or without it. "I think the women who succeed the most in this competition are the ones who are genuine and do not put up a front last minute for the competition. Miss America is passionate about her platform and her work outside of the job and continues to make changes in her community after her reign is done."

If she wins the crown Nicole will have the opportunity to represent the state of Arizona in Miss America. Did you know ? Arizona has twice won the Miss America title (in 1949 and 1964).


The gorgeous Anjali Sinha, who'll be competing for the crown of Miss Universe Great Britain this summer, was born in Mumbai, India and moved to London with her parents when she was 4 years old - "I consider myself very fortunate to have within me, an amalgamation of both the rich Indian and British cultures, tradition and heritage. I am proud to be a woman and a feminist and have a strong belief that women do not need support from others - they are more than capable of helping themselves. The need of the hour is to change the world’s perception about our strengths" - she explained.

Anjali is currently pursuing a degree in Medical Biochemistry from Middlesex University, London. She aims to dedicate herself towards cancer research - "I dream of having my own state-of- the-art research facility for women from under privileged and challenged background."

The beauty queen previously won the Miss Teen Earth UK & NI, 2015 title and then won the Miss Teen Continents 2016 title in Las Vegas. She has also walked for the London Fashion week in 2016. She been associated with some charities related to environmental causes and education for young, under privileged children.

If she wins the pageant Anjali will have the opportunity to represent her country in Miss Universe 2018. Did you know ? Great Britain has never won the Miss Universe title. The closest it could reach was in the year 2013, when Amy Willerton secured the Top 10 spot at Miss Universe 2013 pageant.