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Meet Allison Tucker, Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2017

The gorgeous Allison Tucker will have the opportunity to represent the state of Arkansas at the 2017 Miss Teen USA Pageant later this year. 

From 1986 until 2004, when Sarah French won Miss Photogenic, no Miss Arkansas Teen USA had placed or won an award at the national competition.

New directors, the Vanbros group who also direct the Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Oklahoma pageants, took over the management of the pageant in 2007 and since that time Arkansas had placed at Miss Teen USA three consecutive years, including Stevi Perry winning their first Miss Teen USA title in 2008.


Allison Tucker is from the small town of Clarksville, Arkansas where she will be a high school senior this upcoming school year. She is a part of the marching band where she plays the French Horn during concert season and the mellophone during marching season. She has also played the violin since she was 6 years old. She is also a part of the varsity tennis team, FBLA, Beta club, (Cristian Student Union), and the Thespian Society.  

When she is not in school she loves to go fishing, camping, and anything outdoors. She also loves promoting her platform, which is detracted driving, and educating people on the dangers of distracted driving.

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After high school she plans on going to college to major in forensics science specializing in the field of ballistics.

I had the opportunity to recently interview Allison! I appreciate her sharing her story. I hope you will enjoy this interview!

What qualities a woman should have to represent a whole nation?

Someone that represents a whole nation should be a role model for everyone! She needs to be passionate and know what she believes in. She should also be relatable and someone that anyone can go up to and start a conversation with.

Who do you think will be your strongest competitor for the Miss Teen USA competition ?

I have been so blessed to meet so many amazing young women and anyone of us would make an amazing Miss Teen USA, but my biggest competitor is myself. Always try to be better than yourself instead of obsessing over what others around you do.

Some people say the pageant was more popular when Donald Trump owned it. Do you regret the fact that you're not going to compete under the Trump Era ?

Change is always a good thing and I am so grateful to get to compete for Miss Teen USA. Pageantry is constantly changing even since President Trump owned the organization. It is always good to move forward with a positive image on young women today.

What unique characteristics would you say you bring to the Miss Teen USA competition?

I am relatable and easily approachable. I can relate with anyone; from the person selling bait at the tackle shop (for fishing), to the high school band nerds (me being one of those nerds), to the teachers that work with my mom at the district kindergarten and first grade school.

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How has competing in pageants shaped you to be the person you are today?

Pageants have been a huge influence on my life. They have taught me so many life lessons and provided me with unbelievable opportunities. They have taught me discipline, perseverance, determination, willpower, how to answer any question thrown my way, staying healthy and fit, and so much more.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your life?

My biggest challenge I have faced is having faith and trusting in God’s plans for me.

Who's your favorite beauty queen?

My favorite beauty queen has to be Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan because she has an amazing Fashion sense and she likes or responds to every person that comments on her Instagram pictures

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Where do we hope to see you in the next 10 years?

In 10 years I hope to be pursuing a modeling career and working in the Arkansas State Crime Lab as a forensic scientist specializing in the field of ballistics. There are currently 13 people that work in the Arkansas State Crime lab for forensics and I hope to represent women in this work field. 

If there is one message you would like everyone to hear so people can know who you are as a person, what would that message be?

Never let anyone tell you, "you can't do something", the only person that limits you is yourself. Believe in yourself! If you want to be a cheerleader, do it. If you want to be a police officer, if you want to be a teacher, do it. If you want to be a beauty queen, do it. Don't focus on stereoypes you can do anything you put your mind to!

Thanks to the beautiful Allison for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for Miss Teen USA pageant.