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Miss California USA 2015 Natasha Martinez about racism

Natasha Martinez, Miss California USA 2015, was a whirlwind of controversial news! A few days ago, Univision decided to cancel its telecast of the Miss USA Pageant, an event partially owned by Donald Trump, to protest Trump's offensive remarks about Mexicans.

Natasha Martinez's reaction

"What I love about being Miss California USA is that it allows me the opportunity to have a voice not only for myself but for those I love. In this case it's my family. My mother was born in Nicaragua and immigrated here when she was 12 years old, my father is Mexican-American. Both come from immigrant backgrounds and both are college educated professionals who have raised me and my two brothers to be successful, intelligent, and compassionate young adults.

On my journey to Miss USA I hope to encourage all immigrant families, especially children of immigrants, to take this opportunity to shed light on the matter. As Latinos we need to respond with strength, dignity, and most importantly love."

Miss California USA on her road to Miss USA 2015

Natasha Martinez on her road to Baton Rouge
Natasha Martinez on her road to Baton Rouge

Natasha Martinez final make up lesson
Natasha during her final make up lesson before the Miss USA Pageant

Official picture as Miss California USA 2015
Official picture as Miss California USA 2015

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