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Fast facts about Megan Young Miss World 2013

To introduce herself Megan Lynne Young (born February 27, 1990 in Alexandria, Virginia) is an actress, a model, a VJ, a host and of course Miss World since her crowning in september 2013 in Bali, Indonesia.

She was born in Virginia, America to an American father (a Lieutenant with the Army, Calvin Young) and Filipino mother, Victoria Talde. She moved back to the Philippines at the age of 10.

Young considers herself an “unconventional beauty queen,” citing her love for video games and anything “techie.”

She said:

"I'm prolife."
"I'm against abortion."
"I think sex is for marriage."
"I'm actually against divorce."

Megan has been studying Digital Film making at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benil

She was the first ever Filipina being crowned Miss World. She said after her victory "No words! Thank you so much for everyone for choosing me. I promise to be the best Miss World ever."

Megan Young for PhilStar Supreme (August 22, 2015)
Megan Young for PhilStar Supreme (August 22, 2015)

An interview with Cosmopolitan revealed that she is a fan of Zac Efron and has a crush on him.

She has a black cat named Salem.

Young has admitted to having a fascination for zombies. She favours shows like The Walking Dead; zombie-like movies such as 28 Days Later; games like Zombie Tsunami, Left 4 Dead or spooky ones like Silent Hill. She has also made a short film on zombies for her school project.

She admits that she was way more into technology than everyone in her classes and that she was always the nerd in school.

She loves the Harry Potter series.

Her sister, Lauren Young is also an actress.

In September 14, 2012, Young was named as one of the National Peace Ambassadors for the "I Am For Peace" campaign held in Malacanan Palace.

An interviewer asked Megan Young why she joined Miss World instead of Miss Universe. She said she wants to focus on charitable works which is what Miss World is all about.
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