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What Does It Mean To Be Irish ? Exclusive Interview With Miss Universe Ireland 2017 Cailín Áine Ní Toibín

The feeling of being Irish and patriotic always comes on strongest around St Patrick’s Day. To see a day being celebrated all over the world just for Ireland is really quite exciting and moving to see. Irish people, it can be agreed, have one thing in common… they all love to talk about being Irish. So what does it exactly mean ? Cailín Áine Ní Toibín, who'll be competing for the crown of Miss Universe 2017 later this year, always wanted to be a representative of her country & her people and give them a voice on an international platform -  "Ireland is passionate about supporting people who embody our culture and what it means to be Irish. Ireland is a beautiful country full of genuine people, we are a nation built on being a peaceful arbiter for many years back as far as time can tell." she explained

The beauty queen wants to promote Ireland to the world in a way that it excites them to come and expand their knowledge on how they live in her country. 

Cailín Áine Ní Toibín loves that Miss Universe is a pageant that celebrates women of all nationalities, colours and ethnicities - "These women are driven to discuss topical issues such as mental health which is the platform that I have chosen to be an advocate for as it is a topic that has been a part of my life since I was born, in Ireland it is a topic that is shadowed over because of our religious background and I hope to bring that to the forefront this year and de stigmatise mental health here in Ireland and abroad."

I had the opportunity to interview the beautiful Cailín Áine Ní Toibín on her preparation for the next Miss Universe Pageant. Check it below!

What unique characteristics would you say you bring to the Miss Universe competition? How will you prepare the contest ?

In previous years Ireland has not had a consistent representation of our pride, I hope that I can be the stepping stone to show the world that Ireland is a country that has strong representation with so many people around the world, we are a nation that is rich in culture from our beautiful national language Gaeilge (Irish) to our stunning history that is embedded in so many countries around the world.

My preparation began from the day after I was crowned and I am honoured to say that Miss Universe Ireland has a strong team that will guide me and help me in preparation for Miss Universe with Media training, Show preparation, Walking classes and so much more. I cannot thank my director Brittany Mason enough for the amazing team she has put together to ensure my experience as Miss Universe Ireland is one that I will cherish. 

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Social media seem to play a major role in pageantry nowadays. Do you think this is advantageous to you? Why or why not?

In today's society social media plays a HUGE part in every form of business as it is a tool to promote to a large scale of people worldwide. I personally think social media is very advantageous to all contestants as it allows the public to get to know each contestant behind the scenes from following their journey that may not be aired on Miss Universe. I may not have a large social media platform but I am very thankful of the followers I do have as they are loyal and I have great interaction with them. 

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Photos: Trevor Godhino

Some people think that beauty pageants like Miss Universe are degrading to women. Convince them that they are wrong.

To me pageantry has been a platform for me to grow and learn who I am, I have learned many skills from my director and the Miss Universe Ireland team that I would have never learned if I did not compete. I also find that the people who think that pageants are degrading are people who haven't taken note of all the successful women who have come from pageantry, it is a place for women to feel empowered and ensure that our voice is heard when it comes to topical issues such a mental health, women's rights and so many other issues we face on a worldwide scale.

Your favorite beauty queen ?

Pia Wurtzbach, she is in a league of her own when it comes to pageantry she personifies the ideal candidate to represent the women of the world and I hope that I can follow in her footsteps.. 


Thanks to Miss Universe Ireland Director Brittany Mason and to the reigning Miss Universe Ireland Cailín Áine Ní Toibín for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for Miss Universe pageant.