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Jeannie Mai will not host Miss USA 2015

Jeannie Mai was the only one who hadn't dropped out of the Miss USA pageant. She explained that she was doing it for the girls and not for the businessman. "I can't abandon these women when they need our support now more than ever" she said. But now, all of that has changed!

Jeannie Mai's words

"Last week I announced my heart-felt decision to support the women of Miss USA by remaining on board as a co-host. My focus was strictly on the women involved, who share the same ethics of hard work, commitment and passion for their careers and causes that I do. I have co-hosted for the last five years various Miss Universe events, and I’m grateful for the many women I’ve met and friends I’ve made along the way. I feel terrible that the women competing this year have fallen victim to current events.

Jeannie Mai at the Miss Universe Pageant in 2012
Jeannie Mai at the Miss Universe Pageant in 2012

Let me be clear, I condemn the recent words of Mr. Trump, and find them immensely offensive. At the time I made my decision to remain part of the Miss USA pageant, I was under the impression that Mr. Trump would no longer be involved in the production of the show in any capacity what so ever. In addition, given Mr. Trump's ongoing antics, including his most recent episode today with the current Miss Universe, it is clear that Mr. Trump’s actions have and will continue to distract focus away from the real stars of the show - the women involved in the pageant. .

Therefore, I am respectfully withdrawing from my responsibilities and commitment as co-host of Miss USA. From the beginning, I announced publicly that I was donating my compensation to a worthy charity. Although I will no longer be participating as a co-host, I still want to support the women competing in the pageant. I feel the best way to show that is to lend my support to this year's winner of Miss USA and to make the donation I promised to her platform and charity.

Ladies, you worked so hard to get here. I am proud of who you are and wish you the best of luck Sunday evening."
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