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Is Miss Universe a good example for teenage girls ?

Paulina Vega is busy planning what sort of message she wants to spread as the new role model for a huge segment of fans and the world beyond.

The 22-year-old said: "When we participate in a pageant, we are examples to young and teenage girls. It's very delicate. I want to demonstrate that it is not the most important thing to be beautiful and have a glamorous life. It's about feeling beautiful. Become an intelligent, professional, hardworking woman with a great heart. That is the example I want to set," she added.


Between Politics and Beauty

Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler is for me the best example. Gabriela has used her title to bring attention to important issues around the world, especially those that involve women and children. And also, the situation in her country, Venezuela.

She traveled to communities in the Philippines that were devastated by Typhoon  and launched the Miss Universe Cordaid Fund. Her efforts with Cordaid and the Philippines have been recognized by the Vatican and resulted in a public humanitarian blessing from Pope Francis.

As Miss Universe, Isler also served as a spokesperson for HIV/AIDS awareness and worked closely with organizations such as God’s Love We Deliver, Latino Commission on AIDS and AID for AIDS, among others. During her reign, she spent time on Capitol Hill to support amfAR, one of the world’s leading non-profit organizations.

Gabriela Isler Washington
Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler in Washington

Also, during her reign Isler has carried the Venezuelan flag with pride over her reign and hopes to return to her native country that has been battling shocking levels of inflation and shortages of basic goods. She denounced what happened in her country: murders and violence... She almost became a political woman.

For some people Isler is the next Irene Saez. 1 year after her crowning, Gabriela Isler became one of the Latin America's most powerful women.

Gabriela Isler Misses4Peace
Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler for the campaign Misses4Peace

Irene Saez announced her bid for the presidency of Venezuela in early 1998, she led in the polls, ahead of a dozen male competitors.

A former Miss Universe, Irene Sáez had garnered support as mayor of the municipality of Chacao in greater Caracas, and had gained a reputation for being an honest and efficient politician.

Twelve months later, Irene Sáez finished a very distant third in the December 6 elections, garnering only 3.1 percent of the vote.

Irene Saez Venezuela
Irene Saez Miss Universe 1981


Jennifer Hawkins has established herself as one of the most influential and powerful women of Australia. She became Miss Universe in 2004  in Quito, Ecuador.

After winning the title of Miss Universe, has started participating in various charity programs. She supports various charitable organizations, especially those which are established to help the HIV/AIDS victims. The title has also allowed her to travel various parts of the world like Korea, India, Indonesia, Greece, Singapore, Mexico, Czech Republic, Germany, Puerto Rico, Canada, Brazil, Bahamas, Thailand, etc.

Jennifer Hawkins MYER
Jennifer Hawkins Miss Universe 2004

After her reign she started focusing on her television career as a host (for Australia's Next Top Model for example). Later she appeared bin other television shows like Deal or No Deal, Dancing with the Stars, etc. Jennifer’s exact net worth has not been revealed but her annual salary is reported to be 5 million USD.

Jennifer has signed some of Australia’s most lucrative commercial contracts and in addition to MYER and LOVABLE, is the Face of MT FRANKLIN LIGHTLY SPARKLING, BIOGLAN vitamins and REDWIN skincare.  Jennifer is also an ambassador for RANGE ROVER.

Jennifer’s business interests also extend to property, an ongoing passion of hers. With a strong portfolio already established, Jennifer and husband Jake Wall completed their first property design project in 2012, a cliff-top house in Sydney’s Northern Beaches which together they designed and built and have since started on a second waterfront property.

She has gained worldwide recognition by winning the title of Miss Universe 2004. She is an influential and powerful woman from Australia who is regarded as a role model by many people.

The Miss Universe Pageant and Plastic Surgery

For some people, the problem is the surgery. The New York Post reported that pageant pushers in Venezuela — producer of beauty queens — were encouraging girls as young as 12 to get nose jobs and girls as young as 16 to consider breast implants.

Miss Venezuela Universe 2012, Irene Esser before and after plastic surgery
Miss Venezuela Universe 2012, Irene Esser before and after plastic surgery

Cuban-born Sousa, 60, who has run the Miss Venezuela franchise since 1981, is responsible for most of the country's five Miss Universe, five Miss World and five Miss International titles. He openly encourages surgery.

Paulina Vega has not had plastic surgery. When asked whether she agreed to allow other contestants to undergo plastic surgery, Vega admitted that she has no problems with women going under the knife but not to the extent that they will change their original body.

She preferred things that are natural as she believes that everyone is born beautiful.
Miss Universe and Controversies

This year, Miss France 2015 Camille Cerf denounced the fact that cosmetic surgery is accepted in Miss Universe. With the beautiful blonde, this detail makes a big difference and is not necessarily fair: "During the rehearsals, the coach kept telling us that it was not only to elect a plastic. But we realize that, in fact, it is indeed that.

Miss France 2015 Camille Cerf
Miss France 2015 Camille Cerf in Doral for the Miss Universe Pageant

To begin with, a beauty contest where cosmetic surgery is permitted, it is not absolutely normal. in this case, this reduces to elect the one with the best surgeon". Then she said that "more than half" of the candidates have gone under the knife and even though these are not necessarily big operations, "it's a bit of a cheat."

It's not the first time from a Miss France, in 2011 Laury Thilleman (TOP 10 at Miss Universe) said 'I'm a little bit too natural to win the pageant.

I made it higher than Miss Venezuela and Miss Puerto Rico, who made surgeries from head to toe! The fun (and quite crazy) thing in Miss Universe, is that you can count the nosejobs. It is totally different compared to the Miss France pageant.

Laury Thilleman Miss Universe Pageant
Miss France 2011 Laury Thilleman in Sao Paulo for the Miss Universe Pageant
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