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The Battle of Hosting the Miss Universe

Brazil, Philippines, Azerbaijan and now Miami are some of the many cities and/or countries that have been said to be candidates and sometimes hosts of the Miss Universe. It's already late August and there's no clue of which place will welcome around 90 women vying for the most coveted crown in the universe. Which city - if we are specifical - will be the successor of Moscow?

Donald Trump has left the pageant followers with a big question since June, mostly. Hundreds were waiting during the Miss USA 2014 pageant the announcement of the Miss Universe 2014 host; nevertheless the waiting was in vain and nothing was said. Usually, the MUO (Miss Universe Organization) takes events such as Miss USA to give important news. But why don't we go from the very beginning?

Moscow hosted the last edition of the Miss Universe pageant.

The year began and the buzzing started. Brazil according to websites such as Global Beauties, the South American country was the definite host of the pageant, due to the fact representatives of the MUO and government officials had met to agree upon Fortaleza in the state of Ceará as the city where all the action was going to take place. However, the rumours were not true and months after the news as denied.

Later on, Philippines and Azerbaijan were added to the list of contenders. Specially Azerbaijan sounded as the place to be as Gabriela Isler, current Miss Universe, and Paula Shugart, president of the MUO, travelled to this country not to specifically for formal events; instead they went to negotiate.
"The Greater Miami area and numerous others are fighting hard to get the Miss Universe pageant. A decision will be made very soon!", said last week Donald Trump


Now the owner of the pageant, Donald Trump, steps up to clarify in a short period of time we will know the host. Why do we need to wait so much if there are "numerous" places fighting hard for the hosting gig? The year is ending and clock is ticking. There's no time to lose. As soon as possible we should know the country having the task of being the home for two weeks of young ladies trying to reach their dream of being the ultimate queen.

Also something which worries beauty pageant followers is that Miss Universe 2014 will not take place this year. Miss World has already booked December, also Miss Earth & Miss International have chosen November. There is no time available in the calendar year, unless they decide to rush things up and do it on October, which clearly does not make sense. Time is not by Miss Universe side in this occasion and everything points Miss Universe 2014 will be on January 2015. If this happens, Gabriela Isler will become the Miss Universe with most reigning time surpassing Leila Lopes, who currently is on top of the ranking.

As a beauty pageant enthusiast, I hope this issue is resolved and when we least know our doubts have being answered. It would be shame to see a Miss Universe 2014 on 2015, right? Let's keep the tradition which has been so successful through out the years. Please Donald, do this for us.

Isler alongside Donald Trump.

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