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Yoo Ye-Bin, 유 예 - 빈 is Miss Universe Korea

Yoo Ye-Bin, 유 예 - 빈, will represent Korea at Miss Universe 2014. She took home the crown for Miss Korea after beating 54 contestants. Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler from Venezuela will crown her successor during the grand coronation night of 63rd Miss Universe beauty pageant competition.

Yoo Ye-Bin is Miss Universe Korea

유 예 - 빈, Yoo Ye-Bin currently is a college student studying fashion in Gyeongsang National University.

Yoo Ye-Bin 유 예 - 빈 is Miss Universe Korea

Yoo Ye-bin was crowned Miss Korea 2014 after 4 months of preparation. According to Daily Mail, early this year the 20 finalists were the center of attention when a Reddit user posted images of them that made people wonder if the majority had gone under the knife. The speculation ignited criticism of the Asian nation's rise of plastic surgery. When it comes to plastic surgery, South Korea is said to top all other countries. The trend is popular among those in the 19 to 49-year-old age range. Those who undergo the tranformation have been accused of mimmicking a 'western' look, due to the addiction to celebrity culture.

Yoo Ye-Bin is Miss Universe Korea

Yoo Ye-Bin is Miss Universe Korea
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