Miss Universe Croatia 2017: Meet the candidates

Miss Universe Croatia 2017 will be crowned on April 28th. The winner will succeed Barbara Filipović of Zagreb and will have the opportunity to represent Croatia at Miss Universe 2017.

The gorgeous Barbara Filipović of Zagreb will crown her successor at the end of the event. Filipović competed at Miss Universe 2016 pageant in Manila, Philippines but Unplaced.

Miss Universe Croatia 2017: Meet the candidates

jeanette tadic 27 zagreb

Jeanette Tadić, 27, Zagreb

esther martelanz 18 opatija

Esther Martelanz, 18, Opatija

dea terzic 19 nova gradiska`

Dea Terzić, 19, Nova Gradiška

elena jung 19 vodnjan

Elena Jung, 19, Vodnjan

antonia grzincic 19 klana

Antonia Gržinčić, 19, Klana

tea matkovic 20 darda

Tea Matković, 20, Darda

suzana arizanovic 21 bobota

Suzana Arizanović, 21, Bobota

shanaelle petty 19 slavonski brod

Shanaelle Petty, 19, Slavonski Brod

sara knezevic 24 orahovica

Sara Knežević, 24, Orahovica

nikolina skoric 20 zagreb

Nikolina Škorić, 20, Zagreb

monika fadiga 18 jastrebarsko

Monika Fadiga, 18, Jastrebarsko

mateja martinovic 20 zagreb

Mateja Martinović, 20, Zagreb

martina mikic 24 zagreb

Martina Mikić, 24, Zagreb

martina djakovic 20 vrbovec

Martina Djaković, 20, Vrbovec

marijana josipovic 21 osijek

Marijana Josipović, 21, Osijek

magdalena brkic 19 vinkovci

Magdalena Brkić, 19, Vinkovci

Did you know this ? The Miss Universe Croatia Pageant has been held since the year of 1997 in under Vladimir Kraljevic who also successful took the official franchise of Miss Universe Slovenia in 2013. In 2015 Barbara Ljiljak of Split-Dalmatia won the 2015 edition of the pageant but was not able to participate in Miss Universe due to an arm injury. 2nd-Runner Up of Miss Universe Croatia 2015 Mirta Kuštan of Krapinske Toplice took over as Croatia's representative to Miss Universe 2015. Ljiljak was never stripped of her title. The motto of the pageant is grace, Intelligence, Commitment, Substance and Style.