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Miss World 2014 Predictions

With a worldwide audience of approximately 1 billion viewers, It is interesting to know who can be the Next Miss World. It is a real fact that Miss World is considered as the best Beauty Pageant with Miss Universe. Every year, Pageant Experts from across the world put forth their predictions as to which ladies will make the cut at Miss World. Miss World 2014 be the 64th edition of the pageant, it will be held on december 14 in London. Megan Young from the Philippines will crown her successor during the grand final.

Here is Pageant Predictions. /!\ No specific order.

Koyal Rana : India. More informations about Koyal here.

Miss India Koyal Rana

Anastasia Kostenko : Russia. More informations about Anastasia here.


Valerie Weigmann : Philippines. More informations about Valerie here.

Valerie Weigmann

Lourdes Rodriguez : Spain. More informations about Lourdes here.

Miss Spain Lourdes Rodriguez

Julia Gama : Brazil. More informations about Julia here.

Julia Gama miss brazil

Debora Menicucci : Venezuela. More informations about Debora here.

Debora Menicucci Miss venezuela

Genesis Davila : Puerto Rico. More informations about Genesis here.

Genesis davila miss puerto rico

Edina Kulcsár : Hungary. More informations about Edina here.

Edina Kulcsár

Daniela Alvarez : Mexico

daniela alvarez mexico

Alexandra Caruntu : Moldova

alexandra caruntu for miss world

Maeya Nonthawan : Thailand. More informations about Maeya here.

maeya nonthawan

Rolene Strauss : South Africa. More informations about Rolene here.

rolene strauss

Sarah Jane Waddell : Trinidad and Tobago. More informations about Sarah here.

sarah jane waddell is miss world trinidad & tobago

Rafieya Husain : Guyana

Rafieya Husain is miss guyana

Tatjana Maul : Netherlands. More informations about Tatjana here.

tatjana maul

Courtney Thorpe : Australia. More informations about Courtney here.

Courtney Thorpe is Miss World Australia 2014

Amine Gülşe : Turkey. More informations about Amin here.

Amine Gülşe is miss turkey for miss world 2014
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