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Shene Aziz Ako filming her video for Miss World 2014

Wednesday 27th august Shene Aziz Ako and her team started shooting for Kurdistan´s Introducing video for Miss World 2014. Since it is the very first time in history that Kurdistan takes part in a world known beauty pageant, they want to share every single part of Kurdistan to the world. Thats why her introducing video will be filmed in most of the cities in Kurdistan. They started in Hawler, The capital of Kurdistan on wednesday 27th august and they will continue with shooting in the other cities day by day. Photo by: Safin Ahmed and makeup by: Mounir Salon.

Kurdish Shene Aziz Ako

Miss Kurdistan crown

Shene Aziz Ako

Miss Kurdistan Shene Aziz Ako

Miss Kurdistan for Miss World

Miss Kurdistan for Miss World 2014

Shene Aziz Ako for Miss World
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