2018 Miss Arizona Candidate Nicole Rowe turns tragedy into a fight against drunk driving

The United States leads the world in deaths by drunk drivers. In fact, nearly as many Americans are killed every year by drunk drivers as are by gun violence. Most were killed by good people, just like you and me.

Every day, 29 people in the country die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This is one death every 50 minutes.

It's because the loss of a loved one that Nicole Rowe recently started her platform Stay Alive Dont Drink and Drive - "My friend was killed by a wrong-way drunk driver last year so her roommate and I started a company to raise funds for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. We handstamp coordinates of the most beautiful places (our friend was an explorer). 10% of each purchase goes to MADD" - she explained.

Nicole is focusing on advocating against drunk driving by working with different organizations and working with the Miss America's national platform, children's miracle network hospitals. A unique characteristic she will bring to the 2018 Miss America competition is that her service will continue after the title, even with or without it. "I think the women who succeed the most in this competition are the ones who are genuine and do not put up a front last minute for the competition. Miss America is passionate about her platform and her work outside of the job and continues to make changes in her community after her reign is done."

If she wins the crown Nicole will have the opportunity to represent the state of Arizona in Miss America. Did you know ? Arizona has twice won the Miss America title (in 1949 and 1964).

You will compete at the Miss Arizona Pageant, how will you prepare the contest? What unique characteristics would you say you bring to the competition?

I am competing for Miss Arizona in June for my third time. I will be prepping by doing the basic workout, eat right, practice daily, and be involved in my community type of routine. This year I am focusing on an overall healthy lifestyle approach that I can maintain after the competition.

When it comes to competing in the Miss America Organization, I focus much more on my platform and resume rather than anything else.  


What inspired you to walk on the course of beauty pageants? 

I never thought I would be a pageant girl. I always compared it to toddlers and tiaras and did not even know different organizations even existed. I met a local director in a mall my freshman year of college and she told me not only will I be rewarded scholarship money but I will gain the best sisterhood. I tried and won during my first year and have been addicted ever since. 

What do you expect to gain by competing in pageantry?

Not only do you gain scholarship funds, friendship, and a killer resume but you gain confidence in yourself in every aspect of your life. Pageantry has shaped and inspired me. 

Tell me something about yourself and your work. What do you actually do, and have done in the past?

I am a proud owner of two thriving companies. I have my own blog, the Bare Minimum, where I blog about life and I do freelance Marketing work through it. My second business is a jewelry business called the Rise Company. 




I am also a Disney Princess on the weekends, a remote content creator for Twist Agency, and a Marketing Intern for 1Mission Organization. In the past, I have spent a majority of my time at the local children's hospital volunteering and different internship opportunities. I have been on several mission trips with my church and school. I have worked with anti-sex trafficking organizations, have led sports camps, and have been a social worker on these trips. 


Social media seem to play a major role in pageantry nowadays. Do you think this is advantageous to you? Why or why not? 

Social Media is an INCREDIBLE advantage. I am not just saying this because social media is my job but it is an amazing way to advocate, connect, and network with any individual or other titleholders. 

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Photo by Georgina Vaughan Photography

What would you advise any young girl out there who has a dream of being a queen one day?

The best advice I could ever give was given to me by Savvy Shields (Miss America 2017). Well, she said it in a media interview but it really hit home. "Do not let your doubts become your limitations". I wish I heard this earlier in my life because I could have achieved so much more with this level of confidence and mindset. 

Thanks to the beautiful Nicole for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for Miss Arizona pageant.