Why She Decided To Take Action: Miss San Antonio United States 2018 Chenee White Reflects On Why She Entered A Beauty Pageant

Chenee White is here to tell you that what you watch on TV from "Toddlers and Tiara" and "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" aren't true! These are the real reasons to enter a beauty pageant... take it from the reigning Miss San Antonio United States 2018.

Pageantry is a doorway for those who want to be on stage, give back, and of course learn more about themselves. Chenee never had the confidence to compete in pageants until recently when she decided to “take action” to her goals and dreams - "Once I decided to no longer allow fear to hold me back, I started to work towards my goals and started to reap the benefits of taking action towards achieving my goals" - she explained.

Once she realized that the difference between where she was at before compared to where she is now is, she decided to “take action” in every area of her life and wasn’t afraid of failure. "Instead I embraced the lessons learned through failure which made me stronger throughout the process."

Chenee White will have the opportunity to compete in the Miss Texas United States Pageant on May 5th at the Josephine Theater in San Antonio, TX. The winner will represent her state in Miss United States 2018.

Did you know ? Miss United States is part of the system known as United States National Pageants, which has seven divisions starting at the age of 8: Little Miss United States, Miss Pre-Teen United States, Miss Jr. Teen United States, Miss Teen United States, Miss United States, Ms. United States, and Ms. Woman United States. 

You won the title of Miss San Antonio United States, what does it entail?

During my reign as Miss San Antonio United States, I feel it’s important to give back to the community. Be proud of who you are and take time to encourage those around you to “ take action “ in achieving their goals. 

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What inspired you to walk on the course of beauty pageants? 

Many times we stop ourselves from achieving greatness because we are afraid of failure. Half the time what we are afraid of never happens. You don’t have to be perfect to go after your dreams and be successful. The first step is believing in yourself and applying a plan to the dream. I hope to inspire people to do just that!

What do you expect to gain by competing in pageantry?

There is so many things you can gain through pageants. Confidence, on-stage presences and long lasting friendships. During my journey to Miss Texas United States, I have met beautiful young ladies all around the state of Texas. I have also improved my interview skills through competing in pageants and it has also allowed me to further my career professionally. It was always a struggle for me to speak to people or speak to a crowd. Through competing in pageants I not only have the confidence to walk in my two piece bikini in front of hundreds of strangers but I also have the confidence to enter a room and spark a conversation with a complete stranger. 



Photos by Granfoto - Makeup by Flawlessbyamin

Tell me something about yourself and your work. What do you actually do, and have done in the past?

I have recently worked as a real estate agent showing houses and connecting people with their dream homes. I currently work as a medical therapy sales consultant which allows me to have the opportunity to improve the overall daily routine of individuals living with certain incurable diseases. I am also a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority Incorporated, were I dedicate myself to being a service to all mankind. 

Social media seem to play a major role in pageantry nowadays. Do you think this is advantageous to you? Why or why not? 

Pageants are dedicated to highlighting women who believe in giving back to their community, and spreading positivity through their platform. I have started a fitness group in San Antonio where it focuses on getting active with your family, that can consist of hiking, running or simply going for a walk with a family member or friend. The idea is to encourage those around you to get physically active and by encouraging those around you, you, yourself begin to become more physically active. Through social media it can be used as an outlet to show just that. Beautiful ladies giving back to their community and encouraging others to “take action” in achieving their goals physically, emotionally and professionally.


Did you face any moment of disappointment with yourself during the pageant journey, and how did you overcome it?

In pageants there is always something we would like to do better or different no matter if you win or lose. There is a lesson that can be learned in ever victory and in ever defeat and I’ve learned to embrace both sides of the process.

We’ve all seen the stereotypical portrayals of pageant contestants, a la Miss Congeniality, spreading peace, love and beauty throughout the world. How do you think you'll make a difference ?

I hope to make a difference by inspiring others to “Take Action” in achieving their goals and aspirations without hesitation. 

What would you advise any young girl out there who has a dream of being a queen one day?

I want young girls to know that they are queens with or without a crown or title and if they decide to compete in a pageant, to go for it! You have nothing to lose and you are already a winner! 

Who is your ideal beauty queen and why?

My pageant role model is Crystle Stewart Miss USA 2008. Crystle, is a beautiful person inside and out. Her story of how her determination and will power allowed her to achieve one of her goals of being Miss USA has always inspired me to compete in pageants. Crystle is now the director of Miss Houston and Miss Teen Houston and she also started in the recent Tyler Perry film “Acrimony”. 


Thanks to the beautiful Chenee White for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for Miss Texas United States pageant.