Former Miss Great Britain Ursula Carlton Aspires To Represent Her Country In Miss Universe 2018

In 2016 Ursula Carlton's life has changed when she won the title of Miss Great Britain. 2 years later she decided to go back in the pageant world.

The gorgeous Ursula will have the opportunity to compete in the 2018 Miss Universe Great Britain Pageant later this year. The winner will represent her country in Miss Universe 2018 - "It would be an incredible honour to represent my country on an international level, to be able to spread my message on an international scale would be a dream come true. If I can continue being a role model and inspiration to young girls both nationally and internationally, then I know I have achieved what I set out to do" - she explained.

Did you know ? When created as Miss Universe Great Britain in 1952, 30 women around the island of Great Britain and Northern Ireland competed. 

You will compete at the Miss Universe GB pageant. Why did you choose to go back in the Pageant system? What unique characteristics will you bring to the competition ?

That's right! My heart chose to enter Miss Universe GB before my mind had even made up it's choice! I always knew deep down for so long that this is my everything dream come true, to be able to be given the opportunity to represent my country on an international level and the most prestigious pageant in the world, and knowing that the experience alone is life changing, and that you are given the opportunity to celebrate your femininity surrounded by other like minded confidently beautiful women, knowing that all that I stand for and believe in, in empowering other women and young girls, is endorsed in the Miss Universe GB pageant and Miss Universe Organisation.

I just knew the time was right, and that this is what I worked so hard for up until now. As always, I plan on being nothing but myself, I have always said, "flowers are pretty, but so are Christmas lights, and they look nothing alike" - there is no comparison, I just want to continue with all of my heart all my work to inspire others, so that they may know never to compare themselves, they too are beautiful in their own unique way, and that anything is possible.



You won the title of Miss Great Britain but in another organization. What is your most memorable moment from your reign?

 My reign as Miss Great Britain changed my life, first and foremost I proved to myself that I could do anything I set my mind to, with determination, self-belief and hard work, my goals can become a reality. There are far too many amazing memories to choose from, my reign gave me a platform to be an example, a role model, and inspiration, and knowing that my reign helped encourage others to chase their own dreams.. that warms my heart.

I now look back and think, OK that was the warm up, if anything that entire year is proof of how hard I will work, my commitment, nothing is too much to ask, and those attributes I presented throughout my reign, I believe makes an excellent Miss Universe Great Britain. I am humbled and ecstatic to have been given this opportunity to represent my country again, but this time on an international level.



This year Demi Leigh Nel Peters won Miss Universe. What do you think about her? What do you think about Anna Maria and her performance during the competition (Top 16)?

​I followed Demi Leigh from her South African crowning moment to the Miss Universe competition and I am so not surprised she took home the title! She exudes warmth and comes across as so real and relatable. I think this is what makes her so loved, and I am so enjoying watching and following her reign as Miss Universe.


Anna has been a terrific Miss Universe Great Britain! She deserved her place in the top 16, she is such a genuine sweet person, and I am so glad that judges recognized this.

crooooIn what ways beauty contests help women? 

​​I understand that so many people look at beauty pageants and imagine that we stand there on that stage purely because of our physical attributes. However, it is so much more than this. we unite in celebrating our femininity standing on that stage, it's an empowering feeling and empowers others to do the same. I believe that beauty is not about about what you look like, beauty to me is about having a beautiful heart, one that is compassionate and empathetic. 

A beautiful mind, a mind that is curious, and emotionally intelligent and questions the world we live in. And a beautiful voice, that is so powerful, and used with drive, with some passion to say this is what I stand for. These three attributes encompass the meaning of beauty, and are the makings of a confidently beautiful woman. And a confidently beautiful woman inspires others by her message, and is driven to be curious, compassionate and stand up for what she believes in. Beauty contests provides a platform for these women. 


Thanks to the beautiful Ursula for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for Miss Universe GB pageant.