How a pageant queen can make a difference in this world - According to Whitney Montgomery, Mrs Texas Galaxy 2017

With the crown and title come responsibilities. Our readers put their hopes in pageant queens to empower women and youth, and to be engaged in social work to uplift the underprivileged and marginalised to help bring about a change in society. It is true that different doors would open for a beauty pageant winner and she has more opportunities to explore. 

Beauty catches the attention, but character catches the heart. Brains, beauty, compassion – the contemporary image of a beauty queen has come a long way. Pageantry no longer requires you to sit down and look pretty. Whitney Montgomery's favorite queens are the ones she sees as "working queens".  By this she means queens who win the crown and then spend their year working hard at serving communities and reaching goals - "It breaks my heart to see someone win a crown and then set it on a shelf where it never gets used to improve their life or the lives of others." she explained.

Whitney loves to be involved in things that bring out her passion for loving people. She has worked taking care of patients as a physician assistant (PA-C) in Neurology for the past 19 years. She also serves as the social editor for The Woodlands Lifestyles and Homes magazine.

She has been married for 16 years and has three beautiful children. She adopted her son through the foster care system and she continues to be a voice for foster children in her community as a CASA volunteer.  In her spare time she enjoys Tae Kwon Do, exploring the world of pageantry, and writing. She published her first children's book last year titled "I Am A Child".  Her life mission has always been to bring joy to anyone that God brings across my path - "I am definitely excited to see what the future has in store." she added.

So, what can a "pageant girl" do to ensure they put on a successful event, get noticed, and grow from the experience? Read Whitney's inspiring story below!

You won the title of Mrs Texas Galaxy 2017. What does it entail ?

 Holding the title of Mrs Texas Galaxy 2017 has been one of my greatest honors.  The Texas Galaxy pageant areas of competition include interview, fun fashion, swimwear, and evening gown.  After being crowned, my year as Mrs Texas Galaxy has been exactly what I have chosen to make of it.  I am able to represent the greatest state in the nation, serve people, and promote my platform which is "Fostering Love Fosters Life". I also had the opportunity to compete at the international level with amazing women from all over the world for the title of Mrs. Galaxy.

What's the best one word to describe Texas? What is your favorite thing to do in your state ?

Friendship.  The recent Hurricane Harvey disaster revealed even more what it means to be a Texan.  We are strong and most of all we are about people helping people.  It was amazing to watch as people came together to rebuild homes, lives, and most of all hope.  It wasn't a question of race, ethnicity, social, or economical class.  It was a matter of remembering who we are as people and what we are here for. 

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My favorite thing to do in my state is to travel with my family to the Hill country.  Not only is the area simply beautiful, but it is a time that we as a family separate ourselves from our busy schedules and technology.  We are able to connect and enjoy each other and nature. The memories made are priceless.

What do you expect to gain by competing in pageantry ?

I did not compete in pageants until 3 years ago and to be honest I had no expectations.  I knew I wanted to share my platform, but I had no idea the doors that were about to be opened.  Pageantry is definitely been more than I ever dreamed.  I have gained self confidence, opportunities to share my message on a larger scale, and have created life long connections and friendships all across the world.

What is your opinion about pageants that are being held worldwide for kids (-18 year old) ?

I personally did not compete in a pageant until I was an adult; however, I have such a respect for the world of pageantry and admire these kids for getting out there and competing.  It is teaching them so many skills that will be beneficial as they grow up.  Interview skills, self confidence, sportsmanship, and how to be a valuable contributor to their community are just to name a few.

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What would you advise any young girl out there who has a dream of being a queen one day?

I would say to her - "You are already a Queen".  I would encourage any young girl dreaming of being crowned a queen one day to live each day as though she had already won the title.  Stay true to who she is, her passions, and her desires.  Never change to fit into what someone else thinks you should be.  Whether you win a crown or not, you are a true queen and have the potential to make a huge difference in this world.