Will she be Elite Miss Earth United States 2017 ? Meet Korean-American Beauty Christina Choi

She will have the opportunity to represent the state of Virginia at the 2017 Elite Miss Earth United States Pageant on August 4th and 6th in Virginia. Christina Choi, originally from South Korea, came to the United States with her family for better education and opportunities since 2000. This young lady is a true dream chaser who  tries above and beyond to support important causes and challenge herself to learn new things.

Christina created a platform called "Be Healthy Be Natural", her goal is to keep our mother nature, Earth healthy. As a graduate student who has been studying in natural medicine, she was seeking a way to promote protecting and sustaining our nature and she found out about Miss Earth United States which encourages young beautiful women to protect and restore earth.

In the future she would like to create her own foundation to motivate healthy green diet and natural treatment for acute and chronic diseases.

Here we bring you the untold facts about Christina Choi’s life and also her ideas, objectives and opinions… Have a look!

The Elite Miss Earth United States will be held soon. How do you feel ? How will you prepare the contest ?

I am very excited for the upcoming National Competition which is about less than a week away. I have been progressively preparing for the National Competition by building up my platform, "Be Healthy Be Natural," as a goal to keep our mother nature, Earth healthy, so then humans and animals can also live healthy within nature. I have constantly participated in local and international events about environmental improvement & development in Virginia such as UN Environment's "The World Environment Day" event,  National State Parks &Gardens, Environmental Commission Policy monthly meeting and other charity events to raise awareness of the health risks caused by mass production of the Plastics and other chemically produced products.

I have proactively volunteered at various local festivals such as Celebrate Fairfax Festival, Alexandria Jazz Festival, and  Smithsonian Folklife Festival to educate and remind the public about the importance of sustainability, recycle non biodegradable and reuse of compostable to produce fertilized soil for plants to re-grow. I also have attended various events pertaining to planting & gardening with Smithsonian Gardens to introduce public about the variety of green plants to grow and how to maintain them.  I will continuously work out to keep my body in a healthy shape and eat healthy!


You are asian-american. What makes you the most proud of your culture ?

Korean's healthy foods and long history of natural & Oriental medicine with Acupuncture make me the most proud of my culture because Kim Chi is internationally well-known food that contains healthy probiotics to support better digestion and Bi Bim BoB has the healthiest nutrition and well proportioned one meal size that has varieties of green vegetables. Also, Oriental medicine has been used for over 1500 years and practiced to cure patients in the most natural way and can treat so many different diseases with various symptoms.

Would you like to represent your state in a pageant like Miss USA or Miss America?

Yes, I would love to represent my state, Virginia in Miss Earth United States and other pageants like Miss USA or Miss America. Virginia was the first state I started my life, so I have a very close attachment to the state in terms of the history of my American life in the United States. Also, this state was the first state to be proclaimed as a land in the United States and have a lot of historical facts to share and beautiful nature sceneries to show.

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What would  you say is something that makes you stand out from the other contestants ?

I can stand out from the other candidates by my education in a unique study topic, Acupuncture and Oriental medicine. I am the only medical student in Acupuncture and Oriental/Natural Medicine who can promote environmental improvement to treat patients in the most natural and painless way. Also, I have taken my plans into actions by meeting many environmental related organizations with charities to support environmental development and my pageant system, Miss Earth United States.

Who is your favorite beauty queen and why ?

Almost all beauty queens have gained their title with a hard work, so it is really a hard to pick one, but if I must pick one, I would say Brittany Ann Payne, Miss Earth United States 2015 because she does not only have the look of a queen, but also she actively promoted environmental improvement work through her platform, greenhouse and self-sustaining garden to promote greener environment for humans to eat healthy. Also, she was physically well-fitted from regular exercise with healthy diet and kept a great example of Miss Earth United States and eventually placed a second runner up at the Miss Earth international Competition in 2015.  She showed her words into an action to make  the world a healthier place as a 'Beauty for a Cause.'

brittany payne

Some people say that beauty pageants are degrading to women, same with fashion magazines. How can you convince them that they’re wrong?

I see pageantry and fashion magazines as a great channel and privilege for women to have and to use as their platform for empowerment because women can create their own image by proactively working out to be physically fit, raise awareness of any issues in current society, and gives voices for women to express their ideas in an artistic and gracious way to better the world that is only given for women. I would also convince them by informing that not only pageantry/fashion magazine making women look beautiful outside but also providing women to have many opportunities to support for charities or important causes in her communities as well.

Thanks to the beautiful Christina for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for the Elite Miss Earth United States 2017 pageant.