Lisa Bennett on the road to Miss Global Australia 2017 !

She competed in her first pageant two years ago. The gorgeous Lisa Bennett does not compete with anyone except herself. "Every time I enter a pageant my goal is to do better than the previous year. It's all about being in competition with myself and finding out what I can achieve."

Lisa will have the opportunity to compete at the 2017 Miss Global/Intercontinental Australia Contest later this year.

Despite some misconceptions, beauty pageants are not all about physical appearance. Participants are given a chance to show off their talent, they are given challenging questions to answer. And Lisa Bennett claims that the pageant world helped her to combat issues of self esteem. Discover her story below!

You will compete at the Miss Global/Intercontinental Australia Pageant, how will you prepare it ?

It's a lot different for me this time around in preparing for this pageant. I now work as FIFO so that has changed my way of life in a big way. However it hasn't stopped me from giving it my all. It has taught me to be extremely organised and planning out everything to the detail. At work it's all about eating as healthy as I can and training everyday to be the best version of me physically and mentally. I also plan all my appointments, training and appearances while at work so when I go home for my r&r I'm all ready to go for the week. 

What inspired you to walk on the course of beauty pageants?

Before entering pageants 2 years ago I was what you can say abit lost. Low self esteem and quite abit of anxiety. After entering a modelling course at Perth Modeling Academy to help with my self confidence one of the other girls told me about Miss Galaxy Australia. When reading the website something inside me was nudging at me to apply. I did, not expecting to hear anything from it and I was quite shocked to receive my acceptance letter. It has sent me on an amazing course of finding myself. My pageant journey has helped my to smile at the person in the mirror. I am the most healthy, confident, determined women I have ever been. It has also taught me that I love to help others and give back to the world and I love that about pageants.

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What qualities of a queen do you believe you have always had in you ?

I've felt like I've always have been a selfless person. I love to make others happy and help them in anyway I can to do so. 

Also I am very passionate, loyal, trustworthy and dedicated in all that I do. To me these qualities are very important  for a queen as I believe these apply to her, the pageant system and the purpose of her reign, if she believes in herself she can do no wrong 

We are all unique so what would you say is something that makes you stand out from the other contestants ?

I feel like my life goals and experiences make me unique. My dream career is a head Curator in medieval history PHD and that is not something you hear everyday, especially in Australia. They always want to know more about that. I feel that makes me seem a bit of a stand out cause it's so different to what you usually hear in the pageant world. Because of that last year I moved to the uk for half a year for a working holiday While over there I had the most amazing experiences and meet so many different people and I feel that has helped me learn to relate to so many different people. It has helped me grow so much into who I am today. I feel like it gives me alittle bit of an edge in the competition. 

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Who is your favorite beauty queen and why?

My favourite queen would have to be my dear friend Elise Nazzari Miss Galaxy Australia 2017. We both started pageants together and to see her transform into the queen she is today has been amazing. She has achieved so much and she truly deserves it. Her work helping Lifeline WA  is an inspiration and I wish her all the best as she's about to complete on the international stage.

elise nazzari miss

Elise Nazzari, Miss Galaxy Australia 2017

What was your key motivation for entering the competition?

Every time I enter a pageant my goal is to do better than the previous year. It's all about being in competition with myself and finding out what I can achieve. I entered Miss Global Australia 2 years ago and I found out so much about myself. It's an amazing system to be apart of. And now we also have Miss Intercontinental Australia. I've been working really hard and I cannot what and see what I will achieve this time around.