Tuesday 6 December 2016
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Olivia Culpo, her mother and Nick Jonas in Costa Mesa.

First photo with Nick Jonas, Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo and her mother Susan Culpo together. Here we can see “Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart during the final stop on the “The Very Best of the Boston Pops” in California.”( Olivia Culpo’s parents, Susan Culpo and Peter Culpo are professional musicians. So of course they decided to transmit this passion for music to their children (Peter, Aurora, Olivia, Gus and Sophia), Olivia studying cello in the second grade, she also studied voice. As a cellist, Olivia played in Boston Symphony Hall. A few weeks after the beginning of the relation between Nick and Olivia, Gus Culpo (olivia’s little brother) posted a video on his facebook where we seen him playing the piano with Nick Jonas and his guitar.oliviaculpoCulpo family is criticized by Jonas Brothers ‘fans’ I think we can’t talk about fans here, they’re just jealous…I talk about groupies, not fans of course! I know that a lot of Jonas Brothers fans are happy for us but we can’t denie that this relation create polemics. They said that Olivia’s family made benefits about this relation, for example the house in Los Angeles, Nick’s celebrity and the fact that she is always highlighted by american medias even if she is not longer the current Miss Universe. During Miss Usa her particularity as a cellist made the different with other contestants, she was not only a pretty face. When she won the title she was named the cellist nerd. Here you can see a throwback during Miss Usa 2012 competition ‘Road to the Crown 2012 – ‬Rhode Island’ where Olivia Culpo showed her talent. A few days ago Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo in a gorgeous blue dress on the set of ‘How I met your mother.'”It’s not Barney & Robin’s wedding cake… Yet! Can anyone guess what TV set I visited today? #HIMYM #stairsarebroken”oliviaculpoOlivia Culpo poses with Maria Menounos and Mario Lopez for Extra TV.oliviaculpo

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