Saturday 3 December 2016
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Miss Greece Ismini Dafopoulou for Miss Universe 2014

2014 will mark the 50th Anniversary of Greece’s First and only Miss Universe victory. On 20 June 1964 Corinna Tsopei was crowned Miss Star Hellas, (Greek: Μις Σταρ Ελλάς), and moved on to represent Greece at the 1964 Miss Universe pageant in Miami, Florida. She beat out Miss Israel, Miss Great Britain and Miss Sweden to be crowned Miss Universe, bringing the title to Greece for the first time.

Corinna Tsopei Miss Universe

Can Greece win it again this year?? Ismini Dafopoulou will represent Greece at Miss Universe 2014. She was born in 1990 to a Greek Father and a Serbian mother, graduated at Department of Primary Education, University of Thessaly. She is working as model. She is also the face of the brand Royal Rag. Ismini is now preparing for the Miss Universe 2014 pageant where will compete with more than 80 contestants from all over the world.

miss universe 2014

Ismini Dafopoulou is miss greece

On her Instagram account, Ismini wrote: “Thank you to everyone who believed in me and to those who gave me the title of Miss Greece Universe, and the opportunity to represent Greece at the Miss Universe pageant this Fall. And the best is yet to come!”

Ismini Dafopoulou is miss greece 2014

greece for miss universe

miss greece

miss greece for miss universe

miss greece 2014

Ismini Dafopoulou

Anastasia Sidiropoulou represented Greece at Miss Universe 2014 in Moscow, Russia. She was unplaced.

Anastasia Sidiropoulou

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